Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Jan 5, 2006
Longtime contributing photographer Shannon Hennigar warmed up this week’s cover shoot of audio artists — and in the lead for cutest couple in Halifax — Stephen Kelly and Eleanor King. Assistance was ably provided by Chris Geworsky and makeup artist Jon Murphy for Estee Lauder. Boom mic courtesy of Arum Kouyoumdjian.

Jan 5-11, 2006

Vol. 13, No. 32

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Arts + Music

  • Soundtown

    Idea of North, an exhibition of audio art by 16 artists from four countries in four Halifax galleries, aims to illuminate how sound defines the tone of a place.

    By Sue Carter Flinn

  • The Producers

    Mark Palermo on The Producers and Wolf Creek.

    By Mark Palermo

  • The fun of horror

    Eli Roth follows up Cabin Fever with the European-set horror romp Hostel. Carsten Knox talks to the director about his goals.

    By Carsten Knox

  • Proper conduct

    Symphony Nova Scotia hires young dynamo Dinuk Wijeratne to be its assistant conductor. Jane Kansas gets his story.

    By Jane Kansas

  • Fletcher won

    Water and cigarette lover Jon-Rae Fletcher brings his sitting solo show to Halifax. Shannon Webb-Campbell floats to the sound of his guitar.

    By Shannon Webb-Campbell

  • Thom Take

    Tara Thorne’s 1,001 greatest New Year’s resolutions of ALL TIME

    By Tara Thorne

  • Kick-grass

    Roche Uhntraal digs on the Hermit.

    By Roche Uhntraal

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