Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Nov 17, 2005
Art director Kate O’Connor sat down with a pile of CDs, a blank tape and her boom box on the weekend to make this week’s mix tape cover image.

Nov 17-23, 2005

Vol. 13, No. 25

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  • Body break

    Choreography legend Marie Chouinard discusses her epic bODY_remix/gOLDBERG_variations. Sue Carter Flinn reports.

    By Sue Carter Flinn

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Mark Palermo on Harry Potter and Zathura.

    By Mark Palermo

  • The Pride of Mr. Darcy

    aA new version of Pride and Prejudice is always welcome, but begs the question: whither Colin “Mr. Darcy” Firth? Sue Carter Flinn wonders, sighs.

    By Sue Carter Flinn

  • Mean machines

    Workers’ rights message in Rossum’s Universal Robots rings true to this day. Natalie Pendergast punches in.

    By Natalie Pendergast

  • Groud Dwell

    Hip-hop band Pocket Dwellers wants to make intelligent music in a landscape of stupidity. Sean Flinn tracks its success.

    By Sean Flinn

  • Hardcore icon

    Walter Schreifels is one of the most influential and underappreciated musicians of the past decade. Matt Charlton explains his evolution.

    By Matt Charlton

  • Stage developments

    The musicians you’re meeting here don’t have much in common. Some have played only a handful of shows, others are experienced scenesters making the leap into brand-new roles. Their sounds range from danceable to noise, and they’re not all out of high sch

  • Cuff stuff

    Roche Uhntraal takes his money and runs.

    By Roche Uhntraal

  • In a fix

    Erica Butler turns on a home improvement show.

    By Erica Butler

  • One year later...

    Last year, we picked eight artists we expected to blow the damn roof off of this town. Johnston Farrow finds out how we did.

    By Johnston Farrow

  • Dishing

    Tara Thorne wonders what else one can do on a plane besides read its delicious in-flight mag?

    By Tara Thorne

  • Blue Steele

    Toronto duo Blue Raincoats is experimental, but in the good way. Chris McCluskey quietly retrieves the details.

    By Chris McCluskey

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