Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Aug 4, 2016

Aug 4-10, 2016

Vol. 24, No. 10

Melissa Buote’s cover story about The Shore Club’s 70th anniversary is an evocative tribute to all things Nova Scotia, from music and lobster to summer memories. Be warned you may want to read it twice. For that cottage feeling, read it in print.

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  • The endless summer

    Seventy years after Hubbards’ Harnish family built The Shore Club, the community dance hall and restaurant remains a living, breathing snapshot of what the season is all about.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Highway to shells: 6 lobster suppers to try

    Get cracking on this province-wide selection of red-hot lobster dinners before the dog days of summer are over.

    By Allison Saunders and Melissa Buote

  • How to eat a lobster

    Boiling down the best way to dissect and chow down on the classic seaside summer meal. Don’t forget the the butter.

    By Melissa Buote