Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Aug 21, 2014
Samson Learn

Aug 21-27, 2014

Vol. 22, No. 12

News + Opinion

  • The ultimate crime

    Before retiring from Halifax Regional Police in 2008, Tom Martin was a veteran homicide investigator who handled Jason MacCullough’s murder until the department’s cold case task force was disbanded in 2005.

    By Jacob Boon

  • Too many anniversaries for Jason MacCullough

    After fifteen years, the Dartmouth teenager’s murder frustratingly remains unsolved.

    By Jacob Boon

  • Updated: Antique cross RETURNED to King's

    University was hoping for public help in finding the missing relic.

    By Jacob Boon

  • Halifax street style: Grafton Street

    Scouring the streets for the city's most fashionable

    By Meghan Tansey Whitton

  • Rocco's closes after 21 years

    The Dartmouth veteran in Italian cuisine says, "Ciao, bella!"

    By Allison Saunders

  • Letters to the editor, August 21, 2014

    These are the letters and comments from the print edition

  • Strip down and cool off with the Halifax Skinny Dippers

    Come on in, the water’s fine.

    By Evey Hornbeck

  • Revenge of the Nerds

    No matter what your niche, weird, wonderful and inclusive clubs and societies are waiting for you to join them (or create them). Adria Young rounds up some doozies.

    By Adria Young

  • State of the Unions

    Get caught up on your student union’s latest successes, challenges and elected officials with this quick jog back through the past few semesters in student government.

    By Jade Nauss

  • Plenty of ground left to cover this year at SMU

    A year after a pro-rape frosh chant drew widespread outrage, there’s still much to improve at Saint Mary’s.

    By Jacob Boon

  • Going CRAM

    Need a good place to get lost in a book that’s not a crowded library, a busy cafeteria or a noisy residence? Here are a few places that’ll keep you focused, motivated and caffeinated for the next exam

    By Julie Sobowale

  • How (not) to be a student

    Ensure you won’t end up a teacher’s pet peeve by following these simple instructions from some of Halifax’s finest instructors.

    By Adria Young

  • Top of the class

    Wanna school your fellow scholars with your first-day duds? Ditch your tank top and flip-flops and fall for these autumn looks.

    By Meghan Tansey Whitton

  • 52 Pick-up: how to get a taste of Halifax

    For your crash course on eating and drinking in Halifax, we’ve rounded up 52 amazing things to taste in town—from the farmers’ markets to the cocktails, baked goods to cheap burgers, we’ve found a flavour for every week of the year.

    By Simon Thibault, Melissa Buote and Allison Saunders

  • Follow Halifax

    Keep your Twitter feed Halifax-centric, on the ball and nothing short of hilarious by following some of our favourite tweeple.

  • All-ages stages

    Underage and craving a taste of the city’s music scene? We’ve got you covered. Here are some the best places to see live music in Halifax, no ID required.

    By Brennan McCracken

  • Hot for bleachers

    Hey sports fans, want to hoot, holler and support your home teams?

    By Adria Young

  • Laundry for dummies

    So your parents washed your clothes all these years, but you’re too afraid to admit it. Read this, separate your whites and act natural.

    By Beth Brown

  • Haters to the left

    Falling in love with your new hometown, scrappy old Halifax, requires an open mind and a willingness to compromise. It’ll be a lot easier if you’re not a dick.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Halifax art sampler

    In a city full of brilliant people making beautiful things, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to discovering Halifax’s art scene.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Sleepless bites

    Halifax’s most popular strip for late-night food has long been known as Pizza Corner, but as it expands outward it’s become clear our late-night tastes have grown past slices on cardboard plates.

    By Allison Saunders

  • Five ways to be an activist in Halifax

    Harness your passion and meet like-minded folks by lending your voice (and hands) to a local cause.

    By Jade Nauss

  • So you want to volunteer

    There are loads of local organizations that could use a few extra hands on deck, so consider spending some of your procrastination hours paying it forward.

    By Adria Young

Arts + Music

Food + Drink

  • Blind ambition

    Eight bartenders face off at The Middle Spoon’s Blind Barman, a cocktail competition that’s all about taste.

    By Melissa Buote

  • In like a Lambic

    Propeller steps out of its comfort zone with its latest concoction

    By Whitney Moran