Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Jun 12, 2014
Aziza Asat

Jun 12-18, 2014

Vol. 22, No. 2

News + Opinion

Arts + Music

  • OUTeast mode

    The OUTeast Queer Film Festival is happening–kicking off your summer fun with independent cinema from around the world.

    By Tara Thorne

  • 22 Jump Street

    According to your viewing history, you might like BUDDY COP MOVIES

    By Tara Thorne

  • 902Radio sets the dial

    A brand new internet radio station focusing only on local hip-hop has plans for both the airwaves and the clubs.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Journeys

    Journeys is made up of “lovers of music”, nothing too theoretical, nothing too planned.

    By Tara Thorne

  • Soft Spot

    Dig into a swirl of grunge guitars with Soft Spot

    By Tara Thorne

  • Konyon Ca$h

    Ca$h aims for the stars with an upcoming album

    By Tara Thorne

  • Vicious

    Traditional heavy metal straight from the youth of Annapolis Valley

    By Tara Thorne

  • Vogue Dots

    Collaborative songwriting and waves of white noise fill Toska

    By Evan McIntyre

  • Belladonna

    Belladonna provides for your ambient folk viola needs (and more)

    By Evan McIntyre

  • Surveillance

    The Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Halifax’s pop-punk tradition.

    By Adria Young

  • Never Human

    Brilliant bursts of hardcore gold.

    By Adria Young

  • Measure Up

    Straight-edge punks don’t preach, just mosh

    By Adria Young

  • The Lauras

    Great pop selection, The Lauras

    By Adria Young

  • Woadie

    Staying wavy in the 2000s

    By Adria Young

  • Alfie

    Novice turns serious

    By Stephanie Johns

  • King’s Girls

    King’s Girls keep things short and sweet

    By Stephanie Johns

  • No Bodies

    Perfect country psych from the basement

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Best Fiends forever

    Best Fiends is a garage goldmine powered by love. Dig in.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • New Music 2014

    Fifteen new bands and one plucky radio station to build a summer playlist on

    By Stephanie Johns, Tara Thorne, Evan McIntyre and Adria Young

  • A trio of videos

    Like a trio of dips, or a trio of beets or a trio of sorbets. When's lunch?

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Hey You Guys

    By Paul Hammond

  • Lynch the Human!

    By Jeremy Hansen

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