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Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2014

Vol. 21, No. 39

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  • The big chili

    Community food events like the Banook Canoe Club’s annual chili cook-off are like the secret ingredients in a great chili recipe---completely essential.

    By Melissa Buote


  • Free Will Astrology

    you’re two sides of the same magic, Sagittarius

    By Rob Brezsny

  • Lonely boys hearts club

    I’m an OK dude---why can’t I meet a girl? Plus: I have a boyfriend but long for ladies, and how do I find a kinky person without being a creep?

    By Dan Savage

  • Justine Colley holds court

    The East Preston phenom is determined to lead her SMU Huskies team to the national basketball title, and prove to the country that we’ve got serious game on the east coast.

    By Adria Young