Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Aug 23, 2012

Aug 23-29, 2012

Vol. 20, No. 13

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  • Construction sight

    Ehryn Torrell’s Self-Similar explores the after effects of the Beijing Olympics and the Sichuan earthquake, looking at man-made structures through the lens of memory and imagination.

    By Lizzy Hill

  • Funny Money is rich

    The Festival Antigonish production hits the jackpot with total hilarity and perfect comic timing.

    By Kate Watson

  • Great Lake

    MSVU's Suzy Lake: Political Poetics looks back on 40 years of Lake's photos.

    By Julie Sobowale

  • Premium Rush

    Relentlessly fun bike chase thriller

    By Jacob Boon

  • Hit and Run

    Dreadlocked Bradley Cooper? Please don't.

    By Jacob Boon

  • The Apparition

    Once you enter you snooze

    By Jacob Boon

  • In a HUFF

    he third Halifax Urban Folk Festival brings Daniel Romano, Bry Webb and locals Joel Plaskett, Carmen Townsend and many more downtown to celebrate a folk in its many forms.

    By Adria Young

  • Lone Wolf

    The one-man Coyote pack is back after a long hiatus. We find out why the long-haired surfing songwriter waited so long for this wave.

    By Hillary Windsor

  • Props to Energy Rush

    Yet again the one day fest brings in big names, with Ludacris and T-Pain coming to Dartmouth this weekend.

    By Tara Thorne

  • Fall music preview

    From country to crust, punk to pop to prog, we’ve left no stone unturned in our search to bring you our biggest Fall Music Preview yet---the most comprehensive list of fall releases from locals old and new.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Where the Wild is

    Jenn Grant’s newest album, The Beautiful Wild, flowed easily from the pop songstress, and is filled with emotion, power and heart-stirring sound.

    By Ryan McNutt

  • Thrashfest returns

    Spew, Burnt Church, Hellacaust and way more take over Gus' this weekend for the sixth annual metal fest.

    By Tara Thorne

  • Cam Smith is ready

    XXL's Ready or Not Rap Battle Singles Challenge shops local

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Old & Weird

    Life’s Tough Not Really (Independent)

    By Andrew Patterson

  • Black Moor

    Lethal Waters (Diminished Fifth)

    By Matthew Ritchie

  • Patti Smith

    Banga (Columbia)

    By Doug Taylor

  • Usher

    Looking 4 Myself (RCA/Sony)

    By Trevor Savory

  • Video of the day: Bloody Diamonds, "Monopoly"

    Way more concise than the board game

    By Stephanie Johns

  • True Story by Lucy Knight

    By Mike Holmes

  • Hey You Guys

    By Paul Hammond

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