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May 3-9, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 49

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  • Free Will Astrology

    You’re closer than you think, capricorn.

    By Rob Brezsny

  • Going balls out

    Reader: I’m not gay but I want dudes to stomp on my testicles. Dan: The good news is you’re human. The rest is complicated.

    By Dan Savage

  • Sweet and stress-free

    Kathleen & Phil | Married October 1, 2011

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Relaxed romance

    Bev & Dave | Married October 21, 2011

    By Allison Saunders

  • Best face forward

    Laura Mae from Osha Mae Soap offers advice on how to naturally brighten, smooth and prime your complexion before the big day.

    By Stephanie Johns

  • Happy holiday

    Event planner Cate Graham gives brides and grooms tips on how to not drop the ball if you’re getting married when the ball drops.

    By Allison Saunders

  • I’m with the band

    Want to put a ring on it? No problem. Halifax is loaded with places and people who want to dress up your left hand.

    By Allison Saunders

  • Maid in heaven

    Picking a wedding dress is tough. Helping multiple bridesmaids agree on what to wear is ever harder. Wedding fashion veteran Gail Cybulski offers tips.

    By Allison Saunders

  • Well seasoned

    A local, sustainable menu for your winter wedding is possible—and delicious. Sean Gallagher of Local Source Catering tells you how to plan it.

    By Stephanie Johns