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  • May 26 - Jun 1, 2011
  • Vol. 18, No. 52
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Love the way we bitch

  • Love the way we love
  • You Light Up My Life

    You are a spare Metro Transit driver. Every time that I see you drive by my house you just light up my life. I don't see you more than three times a year but when I do it is worth the wait. I think you know who you are. Sometimes you operate the nine and the seven. Well, the three month change around is May 22, so you never know. One can only hope! —Cool and Hot
  • Love the way we love
  • Note Found

    You hit my motorbike, knocked it over, damaged it and left a note... which was tucked very well into the side of my bike. I did not see the note until today... almost a week after the incident. Originally I thought you did not know you hit my bike or that you drove away and I thought this was not very nice especially if you did the latter. But I was wrong, you did know you hit it and you left a note apologizing with your contact info. Thank you very much. You are sorry you hit my hit bike
  • Love the way we love
  • Hello Bitcher/Lover

    I know there are a lot of loves in here about LTWWB/LTWWL posters, but those have inspired me to send out some of my own love to a certain poster. I cannot names names, but from your posts, I do feel as if we could be soul mates. More than once I have read a post written by you and swooned. Perhaps we were connected in a past life? You are witty, intelligent as heck and a I really believe you are a nice person with a mountain of good things to offer the world. I can tell you have
  • Bridge Idiots

    While cycling across the bridge I encountered two separate pedestrians in the bikeway. One was a jogger, the other a regular pedestrian. What gives? Why am I dodging peds who don't belong there? Looked to see if the pedway was closed but no, there were pedestrians over there. Do these two have a grand need to feel special? Misplaced sense of entitlement? Too lazy to use the crosswalk to the correct side? Can't read? Get a kick out of flouting the rules? Just don't give a flying feck! Can you imagine the stink if I tried to ride my bike
  • Rudeness

    What the fuck is up with people who don't return your phone calls, emails, etc. I'm in a business where communication is key and time is of the essence. So why does it take people days to return a simple phone call or pop off a quick email? —Losing My Patience
  • Look After Your Kids

    It is unbelievable how parents now days just let their kids do whatever they want. I see children open boxes in stores, throw rocks at cars, yell until they get their way, hit their parents and the parents will do nothing to correct their behavior. These same parents also seem to think their child's behavior is not their responsibility. When confronted about their child's actions they pretend their child would never do such a thing (despite evidence to the contrary). If you are a parent it is your job to teach your kids right from wrong, not to sweep things
  • Though the Looking Glass

    Why do people think when they are sitting in their car they are invisible to the world outside? Here are just a few things I have seen when you think no one is watching: The most common is the nose picking (sometimes eating the booger as well); another popular activity is scratching your crotch or masturbating (hard to tell which is happening sometimes); pissing in a bottle in a mall parking lot has never made sense to me (just go in the store to use the bathroom); kids seem to like writing swear words on fogged up windows (the smart


  • <i>Grouper</i>
  • Reviews
  • Grouper

    AIA: Alien Observer/Dream Loss (independent)

News + Opinion

  • Gassing up
  • Environment
  • Gassing up

    Skyrocketing oil prices will eventually change the way we all live, one way or another.
  • NEW testament
  • Shoptalk
  • NEW testament

    Anna Gilkerson’s MAKENEW line is a fresh take on vintage garments

City Guides

  • Spin city
  • Bike Week
  • Spin city

    The HRM may not be entirely cycle-friendly yet, but the cause has got champions that just won’t quit. Allison Saunders follows the road to building a thriving cycling culture.
  • Happy trails
  • Bike Week
  • Happy trails

    Commuting to work is one thing. Discovering off-road bikeways is another. Tim Bousquet revisits his favourite trails.
  • Wheeling and dealing
  • Bike Week
  • Wheeling and dealing

    New or used, pretty or practical: Matthew Ritchie finds out what you need to know before you invest in a set of wheels.

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