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  • Mar 4-10, 2010
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  • Academy accounting

    According to our Oscar poll, you've got your eye on Sandra Bullock's Blind Side and Avatar for the win.

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  • History versus heritage

    Halifax has been settled, expanded and redefined for the past three centuries. This city has a storied past that is part of our identity. That said, there is a difference between history and heritage. History is the inherited relics and stories of our shared and individual past. Heritage is what we value in the past. To use the words of Robin Quigg, "Not all old buildings, structures and histories are heritage." Heritage should be beneficial; it is composed of the things that we consciously decide to keep, not simply all of the things from the past that we still have.
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  • Cop vs Cop
  • Reality Bites
  • Cop vs Cop

    What would happen if the 30-percent federal subsidy to the city's contract for RCMP policing services in rural and suburban areas dried up?
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