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Sep 3-9, 2009

Vol. 17, No. 15

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  • All you can eat buffet makeover

    Here's your guide to an all-you-can-eat student cram session, so put your creative appetite under the sneeze guards and follow our lead.

    By Loukas Crowther

  • Student and campus bar round up

    Books, shmooks---you know where to study, but where do you go to relax? Here's a student bar list of what, where and how, for your drinking pleasure.

    By Holly Gordon


  • Equal opportunity pain

    Maybe you shouldn’t have cheated, but considering the circumstances, it might have been the right move for everyone.

    By Dan Savage

  • Dartmouth daytripper

    For some it’s just the city across the harbour. For others, it’s a haven of hidden delights.

    By Mike Landry

  • Northern lights

    Is the north end really mad, bad and dangerous to know? Not at all. Knowing what’s cool

    By Carsten Knox

  • Food for thinking

    Being strapped for cash is no excuse to hit Mickey Dee’s every day of the week. Eating healthy (and local) is better for your brain and your environment, and can be done on limited coin.

    By Richard Woodbury

  • Hidden Halifax

    You may think you know this town, but it has more wonders than you can dream up in your philosophy class. Join us as we put together this collection of little-known spots in the HRM that lead you down the garden path and back out again, ice cream in hand.

    By Mairin Prentiss

  • Important Phone Numbers

    You know the numbers for 911 and 411, so here's a slew of other important digits to copy into your daytimer, program into your cell or just tear off and attach to your fridge.

    By Carsten Knox

  • A guide to Halifax’s second-hand bookstores

    Words imperfect: Halifax’s second-hand bookstores hold the secrets to student budget specials and course-required texts, if you know where to look.

    By Holly Gordon