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  • May 14-20, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 51
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  • Late Night Drama

    To the intellectual insomniac currently watching a suspense/drama at 2:30 am : at that volume, and with your speakers practically on your balcony, i'm at least a floor up in our building, and on the opposite end of my apartment, but all i hear are the constant, muffled bass tones of the manly dialogue and the soundtrack's annoying interjecting string ensemble ... sounds like i'd have better luck falling back asleep if i was watching it. you just made waking up to piss the worst instictive judgement of my entire week. ---Read A. Book
  • Lazy Parents!

    I am SO sick of seeing lazy parents pushing their godamn 3-5 year old kids around in strollers. MAKE THEM WALK! That's what their feet are for, or are you too selfish to bother walking at their pace instead of your own. Are you too much of a bad parent that you can't let your child walk around without them being little shits? And people wonder why the child obesity rate is climbing, it's because of lazy parents like you that would rather focus on themselves than the wellbeing of their child's health. I bet you give them cookies and
  • Ever hear of a coincidence?

    We bump into each other at a music store, only to see each other again an hour later at the drug store. We just happen to take the same bus home that day. So your response is to tell all your friends and your girlfriend that I'm obsessed with you and stalking you? She came up to me yesterday and told me to leave you alone, WTF!? I had no idea what she was going on about. You may be good looking but you have the personality of a dead fish and I'd never date you. Get the fuck over


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