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  • Apr 23-29, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 48
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  • State of Play
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  • State of Play

    The crime-solving journalist genre is a sure-bet with critics. State of Play has a great ensemble, but it keeps a distance that leaves a viewer cold.
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Love the way we bitch

  • Federal Public Servants are INCREDIBLY Rude!

    Once again I have been treated not only poorly, but with contempt, by a federal public servant. What the fuck is the point of having douche bags work in "public" positions if all they are going to do is demean the citizens who pay their goddamned salaries?!?! Service Canada? My ass! Passport Canada? Fuck off, Joe Canada! Seeking employment? Better pucker up and kiss the ass of every assistant out there or else you are getting nowhere...and God forbid a question is asked of these people! Time and again, I have been treated like absolute shit. I'm glad that you
  • Keep your fluids to yourself

    OK, so, as I'm sure most of you are aware, there is an outbreak of Swine Flu with pandemic potential. So, all you people who like to cough without covering your mouth, hawk loogies onto the sidewalk, or run to the ER with every sniffle, please consider the rest of us who do not want to die from Swine Flu. It's time to practice good secretion control for the next little while, so please, wash you hands, use a hankie and stay the hell away from work and other public places if you are ill. Don't run to the ER


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  • Busted barrier, Yale at Monastery.
  • City
  • Busted barrier, Yale at Monastery.

    [image-1] What’s wrong? Busted barrier, Yale at Monastery. Who’s responsible? Ken Reashor, god of traffic, 490-6637. Remarks: This traffic barrier was erected when the nearby Canadian Tire/Atlantic Superstore complex was opened. Intended to prevent shoppers from racing through residential streets, the brick and wrought iron structure was one of the better looking of such barriers around, until the snowplows caught up with it over the winter. Now, it’s just sort of sad. Reashor says he’ll notify the right people, blah blah blah, and let’s all break out our calendars and time the bureaucracy in action.
  • Boat Harbour: On toxic pond
  • Environment
  • Boat Harbour: On toxic pond

    Rodney MacDonald’s government isn’t the first to say it will clean up the mess the province made of Boat Harbour. And it’s not the first to use public money to keep the polluting pulp mill running. An investigation by a group of University of King’s College journalism students finds over four decades of murky water and broken promises.
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  • Earth Day

    Benjamin's cynicism misses the mark in an important regard. Earth Day provides a once-a-year platform for environmental groups must take advatnage of.
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