Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Apr 2, 2009

Apr 2-8, 2009

Vol. 16, No. 45

News + Opinion

  • hbus, the transit day tripper

    Metro Transit won't cooperate, but William Lachance, a Halifax programmer, builds an online bustrip planner.

    By Holly Gordon

  • Fire chief Bill Mosher summoned to council closed session

    Complaint to Human Rights Commission alleges multiple racist incidents in Halifax Fire Department

    By Tim Bousquet

  • Public secrets

    Freedom of Information law gives you the right to get government information. Good luck accessing that. Here's the trouble with Nova Scotia's rules of silence.

    By Tim Bousquet

  • NSPIRG vote results

    Effort to de-fund the organization fails

    By Tim Bousquet

  • Lowe's Christmas hangover

    I really don't understand why people can't take a few minutes to de-decorate, putting the rest of us out of our misery!

    By Letters editor

  • Smoked out I

    I would rather drop a quarter in the box to pick up a copy then give them an audience.

    By Letters editor

  • Smoking mad

    The Coast's policy on publishing tobacco ads is simple, legal, and not as harmful as a cloud of second hand smoke.

    By Kyle Shaw

  • Smoked out II

    Lots of people are killed by cars...should we regulate them out of existence, too?

    By Letters editor

  • Streetcar detractor

    Streetcars and tracks impose even more stringent impediments on the smooth flow of traffic than trolley coaches

    By Letters editor

  • Stimulating ecocide

    Nova Scotia's craptapulous $1.9 billion economic stimulus package is chock full of old school, unsustainable spending.

    By Chris Benjamin

Arts + Music

Food + Drink

  • Bear country

    Chef Ray Bear's quest to be the best is simmering nicely. Bonus: after the review, listen to an interview with the chef.

    By Andy Murdoch


  • Safe hook-ups

    George Weber's murder should not cloud the reality that every day hundreds of thousands of people find partners on the web. Still, Dan says, follow these few tips to stay safe.

    By Dan Savage