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  • Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 40
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  • there probably is/isn't a god

    to the dumb assholes parading around this town with posters proclaiming "there probably is/isn't a god, now stop worrying and live your life" fuck off, i don't really care what your ideal systems are, and i'm not forcing mine on you, but i sure as hell feel like it now. maybe some "there probably isn't a point to this arguement" signs are in order. ---Jesus.
  • escort service in Halifax

    when this city would have a decent escort service? I am not looking for something like Toronto but for fuck sake even Saskatoon has better options than what we have here! ---me
  • "Good Vibes"??? eeeewwww.

    wanna know whats annoying? the introductory paragraph to the love the way we love section. its so smug and stupid, calling all the people who write bitches, haters. and then it tries to sound cool talkin bout big ups and props. loser. ---onetime
  • Sidewalk Choc(olate)

    To those of you who neglect to pick up after your shit-factories on Brenton St. between Morris & Clyde, fuck you fuckbags. I shudder to think, but I can only assume that it is dog shit. Regardless, it's frigging disgusting. I've never seen so much crap in one place. it's as if someone held their own private poopoo parade by upending a royal flush all along the block. It's just unbefuckinlievable. From the still-in-tact brown dollies off to the side and in the snowbank, to the festering stinky spectators that look on while their cousins on the sidewalk become embossed


  • Meaghan and the Bee
  • The Scene
  • Meaghan and the Bee

    Meaghan Smith updates us on her upcoming tours (kd lang!), studio sessions (Bird and the Bee!) and TV placements (One Tree Hill!).
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  • Harbour Solutions solution

    Harbour Solutions is a putrid mess that mayor Peter Kelly and our city council need to clean up before there are even greater costs.
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  • Letters
  • Dance story in sharp step

    Sue Carter Flinn's dance piece reflects a broad insight into theƂ dance community and its circumstances, and is refreshingly accurate and incisive. It's a credit to both her and The Coast.
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  • Holiday dispirit
  • Lowefiles
  • Holiday dispirit

    Get your damn holiday decorations down, already. You tinsel-teasers put the "Christ! Enough already!" back in Christmas.

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