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  • Dec 25-31, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 31

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  • The last picture show
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  • The last picture show

    MuchMusic has cancelled Going Coastal, which was supposed to be a showcase of east and west coast bands.
  • Love and <i>Text</i>
  • Literary
  • Love and Text

    Artist Julia Kennedy commemorates friendships and shared creativity in her collaborative book, Sacred Texts.


  • North stars
  • Feature
  • North stars

    Just in time for the holidays, seminal Halifax band North of America reunites for two shows.

Love the way we bitch

  • medium is the message

    I know Im not supposed to comment on another bitch here, but I forgot my login password when I made an account So I am screwed. thats why this is a double bitch. I would also like to comment on the person who is bitching about facebook and calling the pe
  • names?

    theres a bitch a few back that has been posted naming pizza hut. I thought no specific bussiness names would be printed? Is pizza hut an exception? is this subjective? I have noticed walmart being printed befour as well and starbucks.
  • I Hope you get what's coming

    I was mugged, I gave them my purse and my Ipod as soon as they asked, I did not put up a fight. There was NO FUCKING NEED TO PUSH ME ON THE GROUND AND PUNCH AND KICK ME. NO NEED.I WAS PREGNANT BTW, I'M NOT ANYMORE. To the ppl that heard my cries and ca
  • Starbucks wifi sucks

    Since we're ragging on chains, let me just add that here I am, stuck somewhere, looking for a wireless connection, and all I can find is a Starbucks. Their wireless system completely sucks. You have to buy a card, then register that card, then add a wifi
  • The coast

    I've been cooking in this city for a while and I took a look at your best of food section, and I gotta say it seems very cliquy and biased. all the same restaurants seem to have all of the prizes,and all of those retaurants have the same owners, or are
  • Nova Scotia Power

    You have to stop and wonder where this money from the 9% or so increase in the power bills is going. I have never seen 90k winds and a couple cm of snow knock out power for over 30 hours, and more in other areas. I can understand earlier in the week rig
  • Lazy Plowers

    All I can say is that I was very disappointed in the roads this morning. I expected the roads to be plowed, salted and ready for the morning traffic. Well my road which I am not allowed to park on had a plow drive down the road once. That's one lane.
  • Wow...

    Is it just me or has this bitch section all but died?
  • Its pizza, not gold - assholes!

    I just ordered a medium thin crust pizza with just pepperoni from pizza hut. The cost was $19. Add tip for delivery and you're looking at $23 for a little tiny pizza with no fuckin cheese on it! What a crock of shit! I've had a 5 dollar supermarket pi
  • Just Moved Here

    Ok here it is. I just moved here from Ottawa and i noticed right away the disregard pepole have for moving cars. I know some have a button and lights wich helps, but that just gives them the right to jump into the road. And for the crosswalks with no but
  • Take down all the fences already

    I just moved back here after sometime away and its crap trying to get around all the stupid fences in the area (Windsor and Connaught). Why is there a huge fence behind the lameness that use to be Bayers Road Shopping Center? And what happened to tha
  • Food Court Douchebag Busybody

    To the four-eyed ponytailed slag who's going around shooting her big mouth off about everyone else's business but her own, you really should look at all the nasty ghosts and skeletons you have in your own fucking closet!!!! No wonder you get kicked out
  • christmas weaner

    whine at mother nature, too much snow, too little snow;scream at salesperson when you shopped last minute and everything is sold out;cuss at traffic , stick your finger at bus or pedestrain holding up traffic.nag at air-steward for not coming to se
  • Senate reform for all

    If we want to ensure that appointments to the Senate are without political influence, then perhaps whenever a seat is vacated, the federal government randomly selects the name of a Canadian from within its massive databanks. I am certain that they have a
  • Plowing?... Where?

    Sure, it appears a plow has made a quick once over. So if I was either cheap or lazy I suppose I would do the same to my side walk, if I had one. However I think it is not only a courtesy to those walking on it to clear off your walkway but an obligation
  • Will Facebook just die already?

    Why are SO many people taking facebook as the be all and end all of social relationships these days? Is it REALLY that big of a deal if someone de-friends you or doesn't write back on your wall? For fuck sake it's the internet, NOT real life. If someone'
  • Still no power???? WTF????

    What the heck is going on???? It is a balmy, rainless, fairly windless evening and I drove past Fairview and most of it is without power, but they had power at 4:00 pm today. What the heck is going on????? SERIOUSLY. Something must be done about the
  • Cosmetics

    Every time I venture into the cosmetics store I can't buy anything because the staff are all too busy giving makeovers to teenagers (who leave without buying anything). All I want is some eyeshadow, people, you think you could sell me some? I wait for as
  • Spending christmas alone

    This year I decided to brave out christmas here in Halifax. That's well and dandy, I got to work a few extra shifts at the depot and spend some well needed time relaxing. But Christmas is also a time for family- something that's in short supply this year

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