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  • Dec 18-24, 2008
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  • Guns for kids

    Tax credits for children's recreational expenses are mostly a political sop to middle class families, but so far as the tax credits actually increase physical activity among youngsters, it's hard to criticize them.As the provincial Department of Health Promotion and Protectionexplains,The tax credit, or healthy living incentive, provides an allowable tax credit of up to $500 per child to help with the cost of registering children and youth in sport or recreation activities that offer health benefits.But what sort of recreational activities qualify? The complete list of authorized organizations shows organizations promoting such noncontroversial sports as skiing, baseball, football, hockey
  • Savage Love

    Dan Savage says it’s not cheating if you’re broken up.
  • Why Christmas?
  • Lowefiles
  • Why Christmas?

    There’s no good reason for a sane, rational person to like this time of year. And yet, Lezlie Lowe does.
  • No deal for DHX
  • Work
  • No deal for DHX

    A proposed merger between a Halifax film company and a multinational entertainment giant collapses. What does it all mean for local business?
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Love the way we bitch

  • Hey you, Jerkface, yeah YOU!

    I don't have a car, and when I don't have far to go, I'll walk. When it's raining and I have to go to work, I do not appreciate cars splashing me. Don't tell me it's unavoidable! How it is that the five cars before you drove splash free, but you didn't?
  • You get what you give

    There are so many debates on this board about the friendliness of Halifax, especially when compared to other cities, Toronto being the most popular comparison. People from other parts of Canada/the World hear about how friendly NS is and come here, and
  • wtf

    you obviously don't realize that acting like a stuckup little bitch and giving me the cold shoulder does NOT want to make me buy you christmas presents- and that while I may love you on christmas day, I can't shop for you on said day and as such have NO
  • Tipped Off

    To the waitress at a certain restaurant, I hope you get why I only left you a 5% tip. First, after you dropped off our food, we had to ASK for more coffee. Hello! It's brunch...people like a refill when they get their food. Then, you didn't bring any m
  • Cheap Bastards!

    OK so I know its 2 weeks b4 christmas, money is tight and so on.....If u come in to a nice resurant for breakfast or lunch and u get good service, food was great....leave a fucking tip, even $2 whatever!! do u not think we dont notice all u ppl who dont
  • toeless

    damn you brio! since you left downtown, there's nowhere good to get adult ballet slippers, let alone pointe shoes!!!!!
  • Mobsters

    To all you a--holes swaggering around shooting up our city in recent weeks: please cut the shit. You're not hard. You're a bunch of sorry little bitches who wouldn't last 20 minutes on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, or Atlanta, Georgia--and forget a
  • You deserve it

    Dear Haligonian Club,I had high hopes. Your FOH and BOH staff are all awesome. I was usually off by 10:30 p.m. The money was rumored to be wicked! And the club itself is beautiful. So what went wrong? That is to say, why am I refusing to come in t
  • Pedestrians, you are not immortal!

    I hate hearing about pedestrian and road deaths, they are tragic but what's worse is that they can often be avoided.I am sick of seeing pedestrians in this city think that those double white lines are like invisible walls that will stop a moving car de
  • Ice

    Dear HRM,If you are going to do a shitty job plowing the sidewalks and use absolutely NO salt, then don't bother. I would rather treck through snow than risk breaking my neck on the fresh sheet of ice that is created.
  • Do you have a delete key?

    I don't mind that my friends send me emails. I don't mind that they forward things I might find interesting, or funny, or whatever. Although I *do* mind that they can't be bothered to check out the validity of their "deadly virus" warnings, or "if you fo
  • Appreciation

    I'll stop looking when you all start wearing turtlenecks all the time.
  • Ever heard of customer service

    Dear Jewelers of downtown Halifax,Thanks so much for your snobbery and complete lack of customer service. My fiance, who is possibly the most polite, well-mannered man EVER, was excited to use your services to set an heirloom diamond (MY Grandmother's!)
  • A heartfelt bitch

    To the kind lady who paid for my toll at the MacDonald bridge this evening at around 9:30 pm - thank you!! I was in a bad mood going home tonight and had intended to post a bitch about some of the stupid drivers out there on the roads tonight, but your k
  • The sage of overnight parking

    I saw a certain counselor's "interview" on CBC the other night. Stuff as many 'Best of' ballot boxes as you want, make-believe counselor - we should not paying you $50k/yr to find out that the best answer you can come up with is "screw 'em".One other t
  • Jerk who stole my USB

    To the Jerk who took my USB from the library at SMU, I hope you are enjoying my thesis.
  • BABYfacebook?

    Seriously, I'm sick and tired of seeing everyone put pictures of their bald, pudgy, beady-eyed little diarrhea factories all over facebook!Great, you had a kid. Congratulations, you just did something that EVERY MAMMAL, NO MATTER HOW BRAINLESS, can do!
  • Not to look a gift elephant in the castle...

    To the person who turned in my wallet Sunday evening at the restaurant - Thank you for being that honnest. I'm grateful you didn't steal my identity or credit card, truely.Merry Christmas, I hope you put to good use the full pack of bus tickets you too
  • Sea King Madness

    Were I a Taliban soldier crouching by the side of the road nothing would terrify me more than the approach of a Canadian Sea King helicopter, for, by now, the news that these 46 old wrecks are at risk of dropping out of the sky at any moment must surely
  • Dear Asshole Neighbours:

    This bitch is for you fuckwad boneheads upstairs who began to fight at 2AM: I hope the fuck you get your sorry arses kicked out! I will call the cops EVERY TIME you wake us up! You have no respect for others and probably not much for yourselves! And

    to all those apposed to the winter parking ban.. don't write a bitch later in the winter complaining about how the roads aren't cleared etc.. because if you want to park where ever the fuck you want to in the winter how are plows suposed to clear the roa
  • to good to be true.......

    WOW i saw a pic of MR. Mike smith on the web holy fuck he's a handsome man. i want to go down on him big time. that's my thought for the day.
  • Keep Raising Drink Prices!

    Sweet! You raised the price at bars. Good, less drinking. Now lets not be scared and finish the job. Raise the prices at the liquor stores! I want to see $40 pints of spirits. $60 cases of beer. Why wouldn't you? That will lower the amount of drin
  • Route 80

    I do not spend $60 a month so that I can satnd out in the cold for over an hour waiting for my bus! Yesterday (16 Dec) I was waiting at my bus stop with NO shelter for that long! I saw 2 buses going in the opposite direction and NONE coming my way! I got
  • Merry Christmas!

    I wanted to give a Merry Christmas to all my fav bitches here, have a bitchy new year too!
  • People in Halifax are Nice

    So stop bitching! People here actually smile at and hold doors for you (normal people, and not in the creepy sorta way), cars stop not only to let you cross in a crosswalk, but to jaywalk, and saying 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' are not entirely fore
  • Sick Fuck

    I dont know if anyone read this in the paper or not...about the 11 year girl that that some guy tried to lure her into his car when she was walking back to school after lunch in North end dartmouth. But it was my duaghter that it happened to and now she
  • I didn't know Muslim's celebrated Christmas

    Thanks for making me work on the 24th and 25th because you HAD to have that day off. Why? You're Muslim! You don't even celebrate xmas. Meanwhile I have to miss out on Christmas celebrations and I'm an effing Christian! Hope you have fun celebrating MY
  • Desperate Measures? Ok

    Reading the CH this morning avoiding work the front page caught my eye. A poor lobster fisherman has had to cut out the middleman because he wasn't making enough money to pay his bills. What I also noticed was the fairly new 4 door, four wheel pick up
  • stop bitching

    i hate all you bitching bitches, fuck off with your bitching and just live.
  • Cheaters and Lies

    There must be something seriously wrong, on the inside, when someone compulsively lies. I've come to conclude that this is a cyclical relationship that was founded on impulse, sustained by intense passion, but ultimately decided by poor decisions. I fe
  • wasting more of your tax dollars

    Once again holiday season is upon us and as usual my bullying boss decides not to let any casuals fill in for us full timers on Christmas day. When we questioned my boss why casuals were not working we were told we will never be scheduled off on stat ho
  • DQ Gossip Bitches

    three of ya sitting across from me and hubby, gossping about people in your life, what makes you think that they aren't giving cut throat gossip about you?? Secondly what makes you think that after your little session one or more out of the three don't g
  • Winter Parking ban.

    I hope Peter Kelly, Ken Reashor and the rest of the stooges feel ashamed of themselves over this. This winter parking ban is an absolute abomination of a bill to pass.Not only does it stink of a money grab by greedy government officials, it hits the peo
  • Eid Mubareck!

    Seriously, there's more going on this time of year than the usual orgy of tinsel and christian iconography. Not everyone worships Santa! And while some effort is made sometimes, a little, to recognize Hanukkah, it's usually only in the form of 'holiday s
  • T'is the season

    I just recently lost a parent and have not felt very festive. I decided yesterday that I was going to join the world of the living and go mingle with other people that are preparing for the holidays. I really don't know what I was expecting, but what I
  • Officer alleges police racism

    Re: Front page story on the herald I can't comment on the specifics, because I wasn't there, and I doubt you were either. However, this woman claims that there is "systemic racism" in the HPD. If this was the case, she would never have been accepted
  • No bailout for you!

    Why should we, as a people pay for people who fail in business? When should we reward someone who ran their company to the ground? I’m sorry, but I find myself, making a fraction of what an auto worker makes, not even counting the benefits, feeling not
  • unfriendly brewery

    To the owners of a certain establishment the produces beer. get new bar staff. new bar staff that is accomidating and friendly Instead of angry and Insulting.
  • Housekeeping

    Come on, Coast. Fix that "Bitching Hour" shit, wouldja? It can't possibly be that much of a technological challenge, and it's really really annoying. Just fix it already.

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