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  • Dec 11-17, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 29

News + Opinion

  • On Patrol
  • City
  • On Patrol

    All the signs are still lit at a closed Gottingen Street nightclub.
  • Reality Bites
  • Breaking News: Economy Shoe Shop files for creditor protection

    Argyle Cobblers Limited, the holding company for The Economy Shoe Shop, The Marquee and The Seahorse Tavern has filed for creditor protection under the terms of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.The application with the bankruptcy court in Halifax, signed by Argyle Cobblers owner Victor Syperek, list debts totaling $555,107 owed on 89 accounts. The largest debt is unpaid taxes of $170,797. Other creditors include restaurant suppliers M&S Food Service ($86,457), Big Eric’s ($11,350) and British Butcher ($3,542.) The Coast is owed $10,721.Update 1: To read the full creditor protection filing, click hereThis story will be further updated
  • Savage Love

    Dan Savage says face-sitting and Cyrano de Bergerac go together.
  • Shoptalk
  • One stop wood shop

    Custom furniture craftsman Jason Cullen has been working out in Prospect Bay and is finally bringing his sustainable hardwood creations into town, The One Stop Wood Shop (6040 Almon) opens January 1. “We will be sharing a space with Renovators Resource,” says Jason Cullen. “The wood shop will be in the back and products will be displayed out front. I currently have small pieces ready for Christmas on display now.”
  • Scars on ice
  • Sports
  • Scars on ice

    Two Halifax women compete for the glory in a hyper-caffeinated downhill skating challenge.

Food + Drink

Arts + Culture

  • Park life
  • Visual Art
  • Park life

    Five NSCAD sculpture students respond to a fantasy public art competition for Point Pleasant Park.


  • Screech and swagger
  • Feature
  • Screech and swagger

    In less than a year, The Gideons have erupted on the Halifax scene with their punched-up dirty garage rock sound.
  • Inti Gonzales EP release
  • Feature
  • Inti Gonzales EP release

    Tuesday, December 16, Blue Moon Bistro, 2215 Gottingen, 9pm, $6/$10 with EP. (Authentic Mexican snacks will be served.)
  • Doiron’s days
  • Feature
  • Doiron’s days

    Julie Doiron spends her days with her kids and her nights playing music. “Every day, I wait to play.”
  • Sundance braces for Treevenge
  • The Scene
  • Sundance braces for Treevenge

    Although we’ve known for a bit, modest filmmaker Jason Eisener was trying to be quiet about the news that his short holiday horror Treevenge was accepted into this year’s Sundance Film Festival. But now that it’s official that the beautiful stick-people in their furry boots and gigantic sunglasses will have a chance to watch Halifax talent get impaled by pissed off Christmas trees, we can talk without fear of nearby greenery.Eisener received the big news in late November and when we spoke he said, “Last night we found out Treevenge got into Sundance, I was in Superstore by myself

Love the way we bitch

  • Too much of a good thing

    Martini Monday Madams;To a self-respecting patron of a bar/restaurant, there is nothing more unappealing than a progressively drunk woman talking progressively louder to her friends. Shallow gossip, foul language and the general inability to walk a str
  • facebook and kids on it

    ok I have to bitch abt kids and facebook ,like why in gods names are they allowed on there ??its so dumb ,and esp kids who are stealing other peoples pics and cropping and pasting and making it for their own pic's so damn annoyin .....esp of a boy
  • Grinch Like Restaurant Tippers

    I work as a waiter, I understand tipping is purely optional based on a guests experience in a restaurant but, if you enjoy your dining experience, your server was curtious and professional, don`t offend us by leaving 10% you cheap fucks. Most servers at
  • PUb dink

    Hey rotten toothed dick bartender with the Napoleon complex. Be a crossing guard if you need a sense of power. Your customers = your job and your snarky attitude about people having a good time and your power to "confiscate" the beer because you had to w
  • it's a dogs life

    I love my 3 small dogs like they are my children. And what really gets me is that when looking for apartments, so many doors get slammed in your face because you mention you have pets. My boyfriend and I have gone to see places dressed like we looking to
  • Banks giving you that pounding feeling??

    Interesting how the prime rate is at its lowest rate in 50 years yet the banks are offering unsecured consolidation loans at 16.75% to someone who has good credit and never missed a payment. They run the risk of taking billions in writeoffs, yet they use
  • Courtesy, you bint

    I had a quick call for an interview with you, which went great, and you don't want to hire me, which is fine, I can deal with that, big whoop. But if you tell me you're going to get back to me within the week, how about you DO THAT. And not act like a
  • these drivers...

    What is with Halifax drivers?They take forever to catch on that there is an advanced green light, drive under the speed limit and never use their turn signals. They are all a bunch of idiots. And don't even get me started on the buses....Learn to drive
  • Lady in the Pink coat and blue pj bottoms

    Do you know what. You had no right to get into my face. I wasn't talking to you. I informed the person that threw a cigarrette put at my feet that it was called littering.What you have lung cancer? SO I sould have sympathy for you...That has nothing to
  • No attitude, just your ID please.

    A server or bartender asking for your ID is NOT rude service. The server is not trying to show you up, or trying to be a jerk, or trying to make you feel inadequate. He's just doing his job. Like the security guard at the club, or the cashier at the liq
  • Pyjama ''Pants''

    Okay, I dont fucking care what they're called, I can NOT stand when people leave their house in those god damned PJ pants! They are meant for sleeping, and lounging around in your house, not shopping at Mic Mac Mall, or Sobeys. C'mon people, they dont ev
  • No winter parking

    Are they kidding? The city has banned parking on streets at night because plows couldn't deal with going around cars? WTF. I'm a CFA - but when it snows here, it lasts only 2 days...and for that people can't park on the streets for other 26 out of 30 da
  • Am I getting cashiers bitchy?

    Not a bitch per se, more looking for bitch-related feedback:I'm a compulsive 'exact change guy'. You know the one: the guy/girl who is rooting the coin pouch in his wallet in line at the corner store, trying to get out EXACTLY $5.78 to pay for that mag
  • The Barrington Bums Pity Signs

    Ah,smell the mistletoe and buddy with the sign in front of a certain corner coffee dive. He and a few other of the regulars have taken to the 'It's Christmas and I want to go home and I need $$, etc.' Draw in the suckers and the night's entertainment i
  • GEEEZZZ take a hint!

    To the socially inept new girl at my work: WE DON'T LIKE YOU!You hardly say anything and when you do it's something completely random or pointless. Then at the end of every week you ask the rest of us what we're doing on the weekend and you always ask u
  • Thanks so much assholes!

    Hey to my so-called friends: I made it clear that I was done exams yesterday, and I asked you guys to come over to have a few drinks and "celebrate" when I was done. But I heard nothing from you for the last few days! I tried to call you guys but no one
  • just another post

    "Marijuana is safe and should be legal". Anyone that says this in one form or another is just as bored hearing themselves talk about it as the listener is hearing it. Time to time I have to say it. Time to time I realize how insane it is, people accept
  • Scream at yourself

    Thanks older lady, I really needed that panic attack from the anxiety.I hope Karma comes back to you.
  • Why oh why

    Is Lower Water Street not one way, heading north? The sight of the south-bound lane sitting empty while the north-bound one is at a standstill, day in, day out, is an end-of-the-day frustration that we could all do without.
  • Duncan Street Window Smasher

    To the jerk who smashed my car window last night:Even if it wasn't less than 2 weeks before Christmas, I cannot afford major repairs to my car. Don't assume "insurance" will pay for it because I still have to pay the deductible. Thanks for making thin
  • Pick that shit up, Part II

    I stopped you on the sidewalk and asked if you were going to pick up the dog poo you left behind. "I don't have a bag" you said, in a simpering manner. Don't you get it? I don't care whose dog it is, I don't care that you don't have a bag. Use your hands
  • Cheap people

    I know it has been talked about before, but I have to say it. What the heck is wrong with people not tipping at a (buffet) restaurant???? Don't you realize that your server makes at least 3 times as many trips to your table to clean away your never-en

  • Another Fat Bitch

    I have a dear friend who is battling breast cancer. She has had both breasts removed, but they have found more cancer in other tissues and organs, much of it inoperable. The cancer is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy, with limited success.
  • Early bird gets a break

    Why do some bus drivers leave early from their fucking stops. Despite having idiot-proof GPS devices in their buses that are telling them whether or not they are early or late, driver's somehow manage to leave a lot of stops early. Why? I challenge AN
  • bafuckinghumbug to you too

    To the bitch at the grocerystore.... Yes i was standing in the self checkout line.. yes i had about 25 items.. standing behind me you mutter to your husband "*sigh* she has a whole cart to check threw, this is crazy" i bet you felt like a complete fucki
  • Better Things To Do

    To a certain mayor.I book you two months in advance to be interviewed for my broadcast journalism final on camera. I call to confirm 2 days before. Everything is good.7 minutes before you are supposed to be sitting in the chair, mic checked, and read
  • Get outta the fucking way...

    Holy Fuck do i hate the mall @ x-mas time. I know everyone is tired and cranky from shopping and shit but if someone says excuse me then get outta the fuckin way. Is it difficult to move 3 inches to the left to let ppl thru...NO!!!! Are you fuckin stu
  • In Response to Winter Parking Ban

    Can you explain to me how the winter parking ban affects students/low income families in such a way that it would warrant mass protest. We are talking about a group of people, the majority of which DON'T DRIVE. You know what the winter parking ban will d
  • Hey you! Stalker!

    I don't know who the fuck you are but if you try to add me as a friend again on facebook I'm fucking blocking you! I never blocked anyone ever but you just may be the first one because you tried to add me 4 times in the last month! You have no profile pi

    Ok, enough already! I officially stopped 9 times this morning while walking my dog in the Hydrostone area of the North end - why? - to wipe salt off of his paws... salt in fact burns the pads on his paws and he drops like a ton of bricks and cries... YES
  • Fed up of Christmas

    FUCK CHRISTMAS, FUCK CHRSITMAS... stop fucking saying it... stop fucking playing it... stop fucking gloating it in the streets and waving it in my face, not everyone gets a magical day on christmas or ever has, not everyone is going to be smiling with th
  • Cant figure it out... why

    I happen to wear 2 hearing aids and not a day goes by where I am made to look stupid, laughed at, given the wrong order at Tims, told by cashiers at Sobeys that I have to pay double, whispered or mumbled at and then laughed when I tell the person I have
  • Lazy contractors

    WTF is it with the fucking contractors around here??? Here I am AGAIN, sitting here waiting to hear from someone so I can fucking get working. But nobody answers their phones. Not at night, not in the morning, not halfway through the day. How the fuck do
  • Lazy people ...

    At the mall yesterday with my kids (youngest in a stroller) wanted to head up to the food court for some lunch. Escalator isn't working so we have to take the elevator, it's not a big elevator as most of you know, lots of parents with strollers trying to
  • Bitch rules

    Come on people-- don't name businesses, and really, I'm not going to start a bunch of racist shit here, k?
  • Exams

    HEY EXAMS: YOU CAN GO FUCK RIGHT OFF. mhm that's right...i said it.
  • where is my ad?

    I can't find an ad that I postedtwice. That ticks me off. Theremust be something wrong withthe functions of the site.Someone must have made a mistake in the web-coding.
  • 'tis the fucking season

    Now, first of all, I am down with the Holidays. Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine's Day New Years...etc. (I am known to spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks for the New Year and Canada Day.) But why the fuck do I have to GIVE anything other than good wi
  • Tipping? Here's the deal!

    I work.I work 8 hours a day at a major grocery chain and have "never" received a tip.Thats right, I take care of customers needs and take the same crap off of them that anyone else in the service industry takes.Tips?If I had my way, you'd get shit!Y
  • For God's Sake,,,,,Dont wear all Black !!

    I work in the Driving Industry...and all the weather we have had in the last week it is hard to see all you people walking across the street WEARING ALL BLACK and still think you own the FUCKING ROAD...Now, lets do the math. A 1 ton Vehicle vs a human f
  • Green Monsters

    To all the idiots in my apartment complex: The green boxes are for ORGANIC materials - not plastic bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers or anything else that is not organic. All this stuff takes up room and creates a huge fucking mess! And of course

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