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Dec 4-10, 2008

Vol. 16, No. 28

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  • SHEESH, what a response!

    Dan says folks mostly hated his advice to SHEESH last week.

    By Dan Savage

  • Eating la vida loca

    Craig Flinn is one of Halifax’s most renowned chefs, and now he's an author.Liz Feltham brings home his Chives-tested delicacies. photo Scott Munn

    By Liz Feltham

  • Treecycle and treeuse

    We look at the ethical and environmental challenge of choosing this season’s Christmas tree. Even the ones that come in a box.

    By Holly Gordon

  • Knit wit

    Don’t know cable needles from crochet? Here’s a primer for holiday knitting joy.

  • Joy, love and pieces

    Shopping for something local and unique this year? Broken glass, wool suits, unloved merit badges, Turkish ceramics and old cassette tapes are just some of the ingredients inspiring this year’s list of local artisans whose creative work makes the perfect

    By Sean Flinn

  • Requiem for the Christmas spirit

    With 21 days—and counting—until the Christmas music stops, you're not the only one waiting for it to end.illustration Vincent Perez

    By Carsten Knox

  • Seasonal recipe from Fresh and Local

    Hot-smoked sea trout on rosti potato with beetroot salad

  • No place like home

    For international students stuck in Halifax over the holidays, the company of friends and staying busy offer some respite frommissing family overseas.

    By Deborah Johnson