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  • Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 27

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  • On Patrol
  • City
  • On Patrol

    Intersection without crosswalk near William King Elementary School
  • Savage Love
  • No means no

    Role-playing rape when you can't say no is potentially rape, says Dan Savage.
  • Shoptalk
  • Sebastian's Bistro closes

    Last week Sebastian's Bistro (5518 Spring Garden), formerly home of Deco Restaurant, served the last supper. The French-inspired cuisine has left an unsavoury taste in Bernard Smith's mouth, manager of Spring Garden area business association."It's unfortunate about Sebastian's," he says. "It could have worked. I don't think they really reached their stride. I tried to reach the proprietors and see if we could do anything, certainly they were still on good terms with the landlord. The landlord wasn't owed any rent. They just felt they couldn't carry on."Sebastian's Bistro was a high-end and artfully decorated restaurant that opened just under

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  • <b>Discs of the year:</b> DVDs Eye Candy
  • Film + TV
  • Discs of the year: DVDs Eye Candy

    Our team of film critics brave vitamin D deficiency, popcorn gut and hours of remake comedies to bring you the very best DVDs of the year. Plus, filmmaker Jay Dahl weighs in with is choices.
  • Cool air
  • Visual Art
  • Cool air

    Flight Dreams, an exhibition of contemporary art at the AGNS, explores the forgotten romanticism of flying.


  • Rich kid
  • Feature
  • Rich kid

    Luke Doucet's version of "dad rock" caught the attention of Nick Hornby and James Blunt fans. Alison Lang catches up with the singer-songwriter.

Love the way we bitch

  • Powerless to fight NSP

    So it's bad enough that I had a really painful breakup with my long term girlfriend and she moved out... but it's sort of throwing salt in the wound when I change our friggin' NSP account over to my name instead of hers and they charge me $22 for the ple
  • The ever-rising cost of food

    I am a single person. I pretty much go to the Mega-grocery store on Joe Howe Drive every day. Things I have noted recently- cost of canned/stewed tomatoes up to $1.19 from .089 cents/canned generic soup first up 0.69 from 0.59 and it has gone up YET agai
  • Dear ex-boyfriend

    Dear ex-boyfriend:No. No, for the hundredth time, I do not want to be your friend. You chose to end it. You made that decision.You’re a nice guy and all, but you took my family away from me. You took the one stable woman your son has ever known out
  • To all waiters complaining about tips:

    I don't think you realize how good you have it. If you are a waiter working in a nicer restaurant (by that I mean something other than Pizza Delight) and you think you have a rough time when you have to tip out, let me introduce you to the cook's side of
  • News insensitivity

    Dear news papers, television news stations and online sources of news:When something terrible happens and someone gets seriously injured or dies, keep you graphic images of blood spatter and body bags out! I know there are sick people who want to see th
  • Little boxes.

    To the residents of Waterstone in Sackville: I'm sorry the trailer park I live in is expanding so more people can have affordable homes. Sorry smaller houses drive down your precious "property values". But please, stop showing up at community meetings an
  • Cat hater!

    The bottom line is ... your a untrustworthy, NeUrOtiC, disloyal gossip venom spewingphycho!
  • Company doorstep

    To the dude who started cursing because I asked him to move off our company steps for "loitering" (eating pizza and having a cigarette), I just wanted to say, WE can't, so I HAD to ask you to go elsewhere. I just never meant to piss you off so bad. Hop
  • Discrimination (capital D)

    dis⋅crim⋅i⋅na⋅tion–noun 1. an act or instance of discriminating.2. treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or
  • I Hate.

    I hate my X-husband. I hate his 2nd wife. You are an idiot. She has been married several times before. Several ? How many does several mean ? You destroyed our home, our family; us and our 4 children for a whore! All the men she married & divorced had $
  • Pissed at Pete

    Peter Duffy aka Nancy Grace North, aka worst column in the league. Nobody fucking cares about how long you waited to drive back to your Bedford Mansion, or poor grammar around the city.
  • who's tha boss

    To the ugly prick with the prego belly who thinks he's in charge of of my sister's kids listen up fuckhead, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO ORDER MY NEPHEWS AROUND. And I DO NOT care that you and her bore a child together. That DOES NOT score any points wit
  • Wait times

    Being a university student out on my own for the first time with considerable learning difficulties is hard, but is made harder when people don't take me seriously. I ordered a a piece of technology that was deemed NECESSARY for me to have to make my col
  • Get Off The Road, LOSER.

    To the insane moron driving on Herring Cove Rd at about 8:30 tonight, in a white Uplander with dealer plates: you are a fucking asshole. You continually sped and slowed down, making it nearly impossible for me to merge into the main lane (as the lane I w
  • Its not me its you

    im sure a bitch complaining about stupid drivers in traffic is nothing new...but its infuriating none the the dummy who yelled at me when she turned left onto bayers from connaught as im trying to turn right onto bayers from connaught. you jump

    I love to fuck. Always have. And people tell me I'm damn good at it, too. To the girl whose name I can't remember (never care to remember, anyway) who I picked up downtown on Saturday night: piss off. You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend. Having
  • Old People Should Not Be Driving

    Anyone over the age of 65 should either not be allowed to drive OR be required to be re-tested every year. The reason why i say this is because I was almost hit in a CROSSWALK in broad daylight by some old man who was driving a heavy-duty pickup (Lets ju
  • Rude people/employees/employers

    I am so tired of the people in Halifax being rude to each other that includes especially in the work place. Beware if I ever work for may be the recipient of the biggest lawsuit you ever saw that's after I walk out the door on the busiest most

    To the employee's at the NSLC. STOP BEING SO FUCKING RUDE...How do you get on such a power trip working retail???? Why can't I go and buy my beer without having to listen to you arrogant pricks hem and haw over every customer you have to serve? If you ha
  • Future's so bright...

    So the brilliant, forward thinking minds at city hall have another road widening project in the works. Bayers Rd this time. Sensible chaps. A quick look at the satellite view of Bayers Rd on Google Maps shows an avenue in the midst of a sea of green.
  • Size 14 is not "Plus Size"

    Who the hell is in charge of ordering stock for clothing stores? Why can I never find anything in my size? Why must I circle like a buzzard waiting for new stock to arrive, so I can swoop down and snag the ONLY size 14 in the entire shipment? Sale? W
  • Piss Covered Seats

    To all you "hoverers": Okay, you have a phobia of sitting on public toilets, I'm fine with that. But if you happen to piss on the toilet seat, CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP!!!!! I know some of you are grown women therefore you should fucking know better! I went t
  • No direction

    What the fuck is up with all the traffic lanes coming to intersections with NO ARROWS telling drivers which lane to be in?Quit the arguing about cats, horses and whatever other lame arsed things you guys get up to and get out the bucket of paint, the b
  • Let's see how consistent we can be

    Ok, so here we are in a "financial crisis" and the throws of a recession. Bailout this, financial package that. The housing market is set to decline (by way of overall sales and housing prices), so lets see how the annual property tax assessments get han
  • Shovel horder

    To the dried up old fart who wouldn’t lend three young girls a shovel on Saturday afternoon to dig out their car, what country do you think you’re living in? This is Canada man! I can’t explain my disbelief when I politely asked to borrow your shovel and
  • Fuck the police

    Go fuck yourself you over zealous, pretentious, Robocop wannabe fucking assholes.
  • Shit filled Trails

    Just got in from walking my dog at the frog pond. To all you dog owners who think that your dog`s shit is too disgusting to pick up so you`ll just leave it, to hell with you.My responsibility as a dog owner is not only to walk/care for my animal, but to
  • Need it good, badly!

    I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years back in July 2006. I havent had sex since 'bout that time, i know its crazy but its true! I met this guy and we went on a few dates. He gave me flowers, he paid for my drinks and he drove me home everytime. I was t
  • Smoking Causes Car Cancer?

    To the tight-ass in the parking lot with the smart car - FUCK YOU. On a day when it is raining cats and dogs and I go outside to have a smoke break, you ask me not to smoke in a PARKING LOT because you don't want smoke on your car? Are you fucking kidd
  • Being bi sucks sometimes.

    So I saw this beautiful girl today. Absolutely stunning. And it's not like I could say anything to her or hope for anything that I could turn into a psst because I am also a girl. And I can't just approach girls like I can approach guys in this city,
  • that aint no fuckin donair

    allright.. there is a PIZZA place in this TOWN that likes to pass off this "donair wrap" as an actual donair. It may look all nice with its "red onion" and "grill lines", but a flour tortilla aint a mothafuckin pita! Do you know where you are?!? I can f
  • To all men: Read the fucking ad before responding!

    I am a very physically attractive woman with a high-paying medical job (do not want to state what it is exactly), and I like to drink and party on weekends. I am very successful, especially career-wise, however, I haven't met a decent man and most of my
  • To The Coberg Coffee Tagger

    There are a bunch of terrible buildings in Halifax with no character, why would you ruin one of the few that aren't, next time go tag a fucking BMO or something that doesn't really matter and leave my coffee house be.
  • slopping at the pig trough

    Jesus fucking christ!! some have no goddamn fucking clue, no respect and no manners. What in the fuck is wrong with people who go to a restaurant and leave more fucking food on the floor than they put in their slobbery useless mouths??? Do you eat tha
  • A Dog`s Life

    Took my dog for a stroll the other night, I am very concious that he doesn`t piss all over people`s lawns, I give him a little nudge to move him along. When he poses to do his dirtiest deed, I don`t do this as I think he just plain HAS to do his business
  • Red means STOP!

    To the idiot drivers who turn right on reds without stopping, what the hell?!?! I've nearly been clocked 3 times in the last month by drivers not stopping at reds before turning right while walking across a crosswalk with a green light in my favor. It se
  • Seriously people?!

    Stop putting garbage and all your shit in Coast newspaper boxes! It is unpleasant to reach for a paper on the street and grab a handful of old coffee cups and other such crap. THERE ARE GARBAGE CANS EVERYWHERE and it would be nice to pick up a paper with
  • Metro Ferry Fuck-up

    When the FUCK is Metro Transit going to resume it's regular Alderney-Downtown ferry service on the quarter hour instead of this over-crowded-no-seat bullshit? On October 15th a notice was posted that service on one of the ferry's would take place over "
  • Care-e-okee?

    Hi there bitch -- this is to the "host" of a popular karaoke bar on Spring Garden Rd.When reallly geeky dude gets up to sing Justin Timberlake really unfortunately, and somewhat geeky dude come sup and helps him and everyone loves it, it's a success fo
  • Rodney macdonald's signature!?!?!

    *see title, wtf is up with that? Is he a 13 year old girl? I guess we're lucky his name has no i's 'cause they'd have hearts on em!
  • OK...

    So I'm hardly an expert on art, entertainment, pop culture, etc...but how the hell does "Jaydee Bixby rocks the Halifax Grammar School country style" get considered a "sure thing"?!?
  • Insane Motorist

    I don't know why you were driving with your head up your butt this morning but thank you for almost mowing me down with your car at the corner of Mumford and Joe Howe. When someone has the right of way and then they stop you MAY want to check and see if
  • Winter Lover

    Should I stay or should I go to work today? The alarm goes off at 6am, I wake up to a freezing cold house, frozen pipes, so I can't shower, flush or make coffee before I head off to work. When I try to warm my blue stumpy toes; my usless, piece of shit

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