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You don't have many questions here, so how do I ask one?
That's very astute of you to notice our FAQ is kinda skimpy. It's new. We have big plans of getting a whole Coastipedia here for you, but stuff like putting out the newspaper every week and drinking beer keeps getting in the way. Knowing what you'd like to know would definitely encourage us, so by all means send in your question: click to email here.

How do I write for The Coast?
This is the question that inspired this FAQ in the first place. Unfortunately it's hard to answer in one pithy paragraph, so please read our special "How to pitch The Coast" page here. Spoiler alert: There are several pithy paragraphs.

How do I apply to be a Coast intern?
A Coast internship is a strange and wonderful thing, deserving its own page and [drumroll] dedicated email address. Find them both right here.

I'm an internationally syndicated cartoonist. Would you like to publish my awesome weekly comic strip?
Nothing against your strip, which surely is awesome, but we only run comics by Halifax people. Hiring local artists, writers and photographers as much as possible is one of the ways we support Halifax's arts community, and that's important to us. Sorry.

I'm a Halifax cartoonist. Would you like to publish my awesome weekly comic strip?
Maybe. Reason 1 we can't always say yes: We don't have room to print all the awesome in the city. Reason 2: Sometimes one person's awesome is another person's "This isn't right for us." But rejection and acceptance are part of the creative process, so all you can do is submit some of your strips and we'll see if they're right for us. Click here to email your stuff to the art department.

How does the Best of Halifax work?
The world of the Best of Halifax awards, including the Best of Music and Best of Food, is too big for one snappy answer. We've set up a BOH FAQ page right here because we think that's the best way to go. The Best, get it?

For digital photo submissions, what size and formats do you need?
We accept and appreciate hi-res photos in JPG and TIFF formats (GIF and PNG are best saved for the web). Canon and Nikon RAW formats are totally acceptable, we got modern gear. Our printing press uses a line-screen of 240 which translates into requiring images at a minimum DPI of 240 pixels/inch. 200DPI isn't the end of the world but 300 is better (72DPI is not going to make you any friends within the production department). Photos pulled from MySpace and Facebook are only valid choices as a last resort, and even then they have to full your screen to be considered OK enough to print. Questions/concerns should be directed to The Coast's production department by email.

How do I get my event listed in your paper and website?
It couldn't be easier to submit an event. At least we hope it couldn't be easier, because we really, really, REALLY want to hear about every event in the city. So, it's easy: Click here.

Would you like information about my play, art gallery opening, gig, comedy show, protest, reading and/or other events?
Absolutely. Listings—or what you might call the calendar of events, or the events listings—are The Coast's lifeblood. Which sorta makes us social vampires, wanting all the events information/lifeblood we can get. Luckily, helping us get the information about your events doesn't cause puncture wounds or kill you, but actually makes the events stronger. Because the more people who know about it, the more people might actually, you know, attend. Since you're already here online, the best way to submit your info is with the handy online form right here.

Can I send my venomous tirade (benevolent missive) about the stupid shit (random acts of kindness) I see in this city to The Coast and join the other glass-half-empty (-full) cranks (cheerleaders) at Love The Way We Bitch (Love The Way We Love)?
We'd love to have you. Bring your bile (beauty) on with a single click.

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