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Comment Archives: stories: Food + Drink: Food + Drink Feature

Re: “21 wing nights to feast on

Auction House wing night is Thursday only!

Posted by Zach Taylor on 10/15/2019 at 5:17 PM

Re: “Meet Brawta Jamaican Jerk Joint’s Christine Allen

Christine, you really put a lot of soul and heart in your cooking...the two ingredients missing from a lot of family home businesses. Keep up the great in the saying goes, finger licking Great

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Daleyon Campbell on 09/19/2019 at 9:48 PM

Re: “Where I work: Booza Emessa ice cream shop

Ah so cool! I literally just read an article in this months Saveur magazine about booza! I will definitely be making the trek to the Bedford Highway shop to try this out!

Posted by Rachael Lynch on 08/23/2019 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Liv B wants you to make dinner tonight

It's so easy and cheap to live vegan in this city. We really have no moral justification to keep paying for animals to die for our dinner plates.

Posted by James Purcell on 03/11/2019 at 2:27 PM

Re: “Wheelchairs accessible

Although it looks like your list is long for accessible restaurants; are their rest rooms accessible too?

Posted by Larry Barrington on 03/01/2019 at 12:56 PM

Re: “First look: Real Fake Meats

Congrats Lauren! Im looking forward to dropping by soon.

-Liv Bs Mom.

6 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Catherine Biermann on 01/04/2019 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Mary's African Cuisine is making moves

Mary's is a great addition to Barrington Street!

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by JohnvG on 11/09/2018 at 8:50 AM

Re: “Remembering Liz Feltham

As a very dear friend of Lizs, I once accompanied her to a book signing for Stephanie Domets first novel. Stephanie had been Lizs editor for many years. We each bought one of Stephanie's books with the intention of having Stephanie sign them. At that time, Stephanie was no longer Lizs editor and Stephanie had never met Liz either. At the last minute, Liz asked me to take her book up to Stephanie to be signed. When I told Stephanie that it was Lizs book, Stephanie looked all around trying to get a glimpse of Liz but she had walked outside to wait for me to join her with the signed book. Ahhhh . . . the elusive Liz! I am honoured to have accompanied her on some of her review visits. Liz is missed. We lost a bright shining light on Monday.

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Claire Gardam on 10/21/2018 at 3:27 PM

Re: “Remembering Liz Feltham

Coast Team

Thank you very much for publishing this article. Liz really enjoyed her time with the paper and often talked about everyone she met (and didnt meet) there. The article met a lot to me and our family
Mike Feltham

9 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Mike Feltham on 10/19/2018 at 10:01 PM

Re: “Remembering Liz Feltham

I was lucky enough to have Liz & Mike to supper on more than one occasion. Liz twice blogged about meals she had at our place. They were very kind and generous, just like she was, and I hold them very close. She was a wonderful friend.

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Joni LeFa on 10/19/2018 at 6:15 PM

Re: “Remembering Liz Feltham

What a great story

13 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by hubtoo on 10/19/2018 at 5:56 PM

Re: “Where I work: Bird's Nest Cafe's Brady Muller

I love this place, nice to know the inspiration behind it!

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by filbeek on 10/05/2018 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Pets and pints: Navigating the grey area around bringing your dog to the patio

I think it should be up to owners, so long as they satisfy health standards (no dogs in prep areas, etc). If you don't like/are afraid of dogs, eat somewhere that doesn't allow them, or eat inside. Businesses could have dog-friendly days and no-dog days, or designated sections... The point is, it's not all-or-nothing. Give owners the chance to do what's best for their businesses and make their own decisions.

Posted by JFox89 on 09/30/2018 at 10:18 PM

Re: “Five ways to enjoy Halifax VegFest

I can't wait!!

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by jonnsgirl on 09/22/2018 at 1:37 PM

Re: “There's no taste like home

Just scrolling by when i thought of revisiting this article.

She is working on opening her own store/restaurant at the Halifax Seaport Farmers market. There she will have a tandoor, fusion Indian food, will be grinding fresh spices, and conducting her cooking classes.

Full disclosure: I am her husband.

Posted by Abhishek Asthana on 09/13/2018 at 3:29 PM

Re: “Binge drinking, big fighting

Remember the Moon and the line ups to see mostly Canadian bands like April Wine; Northern Pikes and Jeff Healey and of course the glam rock days late eighties until 1993

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Sean Murphy on 09/12/2018 at 12:14 AM

Re: “Pets and pints: Navigating the grey area around bringing your dog to the patio

Why should I not have the same privilege with regards to shopping and dining as parents with children have? Has no one else ever been sitting in a restaurant next to a family with a child throwing their food or running around with a snotty nose or stinky diaper. How about a drunk swearing and spitting and just plain being ignorant, or my absolute favorite just a plain ass for a customer complaining about everything including the temperature of their food or "how slow the service is". My dogs are my family and i can guarantee better behaved and much better groomed than most people. They have a stroller and are completely contained, you have a better chance of picking up scabies or lice from a fellow customer than any perceived dangerous bug from my pets. I love my dogs, I tolerate everyone else, why is there not tolerance for us?

Posted by Adella Williams on 08/05/2018 at 4:09 PM

Re: “Where I Work: Apartment 3 Espresso Bar

Love Apt 3! Lower Sackville needed this lovely niche!

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by Lorna Trethewey on 08/03/2018 at 7:27 AM

Re: “Where I Work: Apartment 3 Espresso Bar going to drop in to the my coffee..

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by Judi Lynn Mac Namara on 08/02/2018 at 10:51 PM

Re: “Pets and pints: Navigating the grey area around bringing your dog to the patio

Food and dogs in pubic places don't mix well. How would you like someone to cozy up to the table next to you and your family with a large breed like a german sheperd?

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Jeff Myers on 07/11/2018 at 8:15 AM

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