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42Ks in 42 Days 

Day 2 - Running On Empty

If you look to the right, you'll see a lovely photo of me when I was in the best running shape of my life.

I always thought I looked pretty good in this action shot (thin, defined), but when I show it to anyone other than runners, they get kind of grossed out. “Too thin,” said one friend. “Are you terminal?” asked another. I guess the emaciated look isn’t for everyone.

Today’s scheduled run almost didn’t happen. I wasn’t sore (that would have been a bad sign after one day of running), but I was mentally exhausted after working overtime three days straight. I took a little nap after work in the hope it would give me a boost, but I ended up feeling worse when I woke up. I easily could have slid into bed, but I forced myself out the door before I let total laziness take over.

When a run starts off on the wrong foot, I try to distract myself by people watching. Luckily, I had plenty to look at. I saw one guy listening to headphones and talking to himself loudly around Citadel Hill, immediately followed by a dude slowly pedaling up the slight incline on a rickety old bike. He wasn’t talking to himself, but he did have a red flashing light on the top of his helmet. I don’t think he was a bike cop, but I could be wrong.

Next I ran into a group of friends walking home from a Gilmour Girls party. I circled them, made small talk, and continued on my way without learning a thing about the season premier. I’ll save my parties for the World Series and Wrestlemania, thank you.

The action slowed down for a while, but picked up again once I got to the student-dominated section of South Street. Within the span of two blocks I watched a group of guys do something that might be considered dancing, a man try to get an ambulance to turn on its siren (with that universal honk your horn sign), and a group of people playing a spirited game of Ultimate Frisbee. I love the game, but the only time I ever played in a tournament I pretty much ruined my ankle. I don’t know how it happened, but I think I’ll stay away from the game until after the marathon, just to be safe.

Then came the coup de gras: A pretty girl smiled at me as I ran by. My friend Jamie believes that we’re more apt to get checked out while running because it’s obvious we’re keeping ourselves in shape, but I’ve seen the way I look after a run and just assume that it’s a pity grin. Either way, I’ll take it.

I arrived at home a half an hour later, no worse for wear. It wasn’t a great outing – I was heavy on my feet and had no kick whatsoever – but considering I didn’t even feel like running, it wasn’t too bad. If work stays hectic, though, I might have to consider running in the morning in order to avoid the after work collapse. Anyone want to jog with me at 6AM? Didn’t think so.

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