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23rd Atlantic Fringe program announced 

Play, nice!

click to enlarge Jessica Fitzpatrick in Cupidity
  • Jessica Fitzpatrick in Cupidity

Fringe is back! August 28 to September 8, you will have the opportunity, if not the physical capacity, to see over 50 local, Canadian and international theatre productions around town.

Venues include The Neptune Studio Theatre, The Museum of Natural History, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Theatre Nova Scotia’s The Living Room, Bus Stop Theatre, Emotion Picture Gallery, Danspace, and Plan B Gallery.

Tickets run $1 to $10 and can now be purchased in advance online at

Because idle hands are the devil's tool, Atlantic Fringe Festival also presents the inaugural Fringe Busker Fair, with outdoor performances beginning Wednesday, September 4, running until the end of the festival.

A full description of shows, showtimes and venues can be found at

The full program is:


The Kobbler Jay Show
 • Niagara Falls, Ontario • He has the energy of ten puppies with none of the mess, and the attention span of a single gold fish (with none of the mess).  He performs the fastest and most furious apple juggling routine you are ever likely to see.

The Seb Whipits Show • Kleinstadt, Germany • Sebastian Whipits is a sexually ambiguous German Whip performer with a quirky personality. Growing up in the small town of Kleinstadt gave Seb ample time to perfect his art as the only whip juggler in the world. The show features whip cracking, whip juggling and an unbelievable duel whip finale atop a 2.5 meter Uni-cycle.

The Trulee Odd Show • Hamilton, Ontario • Trulee Odd has amused and amazed audiences around the world. His show is a unique blend of charm, zaniness and amazing feats. From the time he makes his entrance on a tiny motorcycle until his heart stopping finale, 15 feet in the air, juggling knives, blindfolded, on a unicycle, you won't want to miss a second.

The Fire Guy Show • Toronto, Ontario • Nicknamed "The Fire Guy", Brant Matthews puts on a fun event as he plays with fire.  Between juggling and breathing fire, Brant also does skateboarding tricks among much more with flame in hand.  Both a serious professional and a comedian, he makes for an excellent entertainer!

The Victor Rubilar Comedy Show • Buenos Aires, Argenta • Imagine an entire football arena combined with the sensation of watching a hilarious soap opera. This is a show with not only humor but a high technical level of juggling. Victor combines juggling with footballs, juggling balls, acrobatic, magic and loads of comedy.


39 • Almost 40, Brian Aylward’s job resume includes working as a roughneck in Alberta, a janitor at an inner city public high school in Detroit, as well as teaching English as a Second Language, while living and traveling throughout South Asia.

937 • 937 - the number of Jewish Refugees aboard the steam ship St. Louis in 1939.  In an attempt to escape the war, the St. Louis was turned away from ports in Cuba, New York, and Halifax and was eventually forced to return to Germany with devastating consequences for many of her passengers.

Alien • Alien: foreign, different, an outsider; One who is both invisible and all too visible at the same time. In this autobiographical solo show, noted Halifax immigrant Annie Valentina takes us on a journey from 1980s communist Eastern Europe to present day Canada,

ALONE • This is a solo performance about a middle aged woman who, after a lack of or perhaps too much self awareness, finds herself at a life changing retreat.

B Side • From the creative team behind 2011's How Do you Feel (Fringe Award for Best Actor) comes an intimate encounter with an eccentric loner.

Backstage • Wildfire Theatre proudly presents Backstage: You're so vain, you probably think this play is about you. Backstage follows a cast of supporting actors as they wait for their cues during the run of a Fringe show.

Bend • A love triangle, a train station, a pile of letters and an explosion.  In terrible circumstances no one breaks, they only bend. 

Bill Wood is Magic • Magic is an art. It's the art of creating wonder. When magic is done well, the rules of the world bend just enough for you to feel a little more free.

Bill Wood: Pissing From Windows • Life hands out big problems and small answers. For years Bill Wood has been weaving tiny truths into blanket solutions which he drapes over his problems as if they were rips in a couch he's to poor to get rid off.  

Birdy • Genetics loads the gun.  Environment pulls the trigger. Afraid of what she has inherited, Birdy will tell you about her worries, as well as her full-heart’s desires, with an honesty that is sometimes funny, sometimes painful.  

Call Mr. Robeson • Paul Robeson is a great and famous actor, singer and civil rights campaigner. This award-winning rollercoaster journey through Robeson’s remarkable life highlights how his activism caused him to be disowned and disremembered, even by leaders and descendants of the American civil rights movement.

Chronicles of The Dramatics Society • When three girls learn to share a bond and rely on each other during their school years what happens when they grow and change?  

Criminal Négligée or An Evening I • Criminal Négligée is a dark comedy about an arrogant intellectual who decides to commit the perfect murder but gets more than he bargained for when he chooses two plucky prostitutes as the victims.

Cupidity • This laugh-out-loud one woman comedy tells the story of Annie Miller: A young woman obsessed with romantic films. Join Annie as she takes you through her own romantic screenplay; sharing her vision for a new movie titled Love, Love, Love.

Daybreak • a psychological thriller that explores broken relationships, broken people, and revenge most foul in two tension driven fifteen-minute acts!

Department of Common Sense • The government and bureaucrats are notorious for making decisions that defy logic. They can make you shake your head or seethe with anger, but it's great sport for those who love to ridicule the absurdity of it all.

Down for the Count • A comedy/drama that looks at the challenges of growing older, and living your dreams. As we grow older do we gather courage for new adventures, or do we stay deeply rooted in the safe harbours of old familiar patterns?

Fringe Comedy Night • Repeating one of last year’s most successful Fringe events, Bill Wood hosts a night of comedy and awesomeness.

Fringe Talk Show • Come hear Fringe Artists talk about their shows, their sex lives, and the craft of Fringe. A half an hour of fun, informative madness.

Funny, Daddy • a combination of comedian Lloyd Ravn's stand-up comedy set plus some more serious stories from the ups and downs of parenthood.

Go To Hell • Turns out, the Christians were right – all gays DO go to Hell. Johnson, a self-absorbed gay lawyer dies rather ignominiously after a tussle with a mechanical bull goes horribly awry.

Grumble • a contemporary fairy tale for the entire family. In this magic world, we follow the adventures of a family composed of a mother-Witch and the siblings Ogre and Fairy.

Half Girl/Half Face • YOUNG-GIRL is astounded when she discovers that a photo of her and her friends at a pool party has gone viral.  The photo has been altered.

Help, I'm Having a Quarter Life Crisis • Through laughs, tears and song, this one-woman show follows the ups and downs of one girl's quest to pursue her dreams, while realizing the hardest expectations of all are the ones we put on ourselves.  

Hot Mess Comedy Show • They laughed. They cried.  They patted themselves on the back. And now, stripped of girdles and all integrity, they bring you the Hot Mess Comedy Show. Hot Mess: All girl. All sketch.

Human Weakness• "Come on down! The ultimate prize could be yours!" The rules are simple for the game show, Human Weakness. Two contestants compete against each other by answering skill-testing questions and performing a variety of challenges all to win a glorious prize.

Invasion: A Musical • In this apocalyptic musical comedy, Herb’s world is turned upside down when news breaks of an Alien invasion. Herb now faces his greatest challenge as he attempts to hide the ongoing destruction of Earth from his dream girl, so he can have the time to win her heart.

It Trickles Down • The town is collapsing. Streets crumble and brownouts run rampant. Raw sewage and disease fill the streets. The mayor places all of the blame squarely on two civil servants. A feel-bad comedy from the makers of the Atlantic Fringe hit God Damn the Mariachi Star.

L: A Fragmentation Subway Waltz • A woman, we'll call her "L", rides a subway in Montreal with a suitcase and a jar of holy water. Please join Dr. Eleanor Gerard-Goldman for an informal lecture on her latest scientific discovery, a disorder tentatively entitled "causal fragmentation".

Law & Order: Musical Victims Unit • A loving musical tribute to the television procedural juggernaut Law & Order. Follow a pair of mismatched detectives as they solve a crime in song.

Like Dreaming, Backwards • Nell is a young woman who is suffering from depressive psychosis. She is haunted by hallucinations of people she once loved, who encourage her to commit suicide.

Love in the Time of Time Machines • Klein and Gabrielle broke up. That was it. OR WAS IT?! Yes, it was. OR WAS IT?! When time's arrow spins like a compass, do our actions amount to a hill of beans?

Math for Actors • Math meets mayhem when studious Kate agrees to tutor Keith, an arrogant actor who's more interested in Kate than in calculus.

Mature Young Adults • This tragi-comic story of innocence and discovery begins when two ex-lovers from Cape Breton are reunited in the park where their relationship blossomed and wilted, prompting a series of memories that transcend time and space.

The Mind Diddlers Present: A Special Spectacular Spectacle • will blow your freaking minds with this hyper-interactive sensational mind umm... diddle. "If you like equestrian genitalia, you'll love The Mind Diddlers."- @HFX_Headlines

Monument Valley • Veteran killer May takes a young apprentice to the heart of an old house in New England, with the ostensible purpose of demonstrating the craft to her. The job seems ideal for this, because they have been asked to do something relatively simple.

Ne Desperemus • Two young people, who never meet but are inexplicably linked, come to terms with the transition from childhood to adulthood, the changes that come with it, and that which will always be the same.

Once More With Feeling • Another strange occurrence has hit the small town of Sunnydale, California. What can be so bad about singing and dancing in the street? It's all fun and games until someone goes up in flames - literally. Come see how everyone’s favorite vampire slayer and the Scoobies get to the bottom of the mystery.

The Panel Show Strikes Back! • The Award-winning comedy quiz where the questions are dumb, the contestants are funny, and the winner gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS (or at least a novelty-sized cheque with ONE MILLION DOLLARS written on it).

Phaedra's Bed • Personal desires and forbidden lust collide with morality and social convention in a place where past and present, reality and fantasy meet.

Roller Derby Saved My Soul • Meet Amy: 30 years old and still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns in her basement apartment. She can’t roller skate, she isn’t athletic, and she can’t possibly live up to the example set by her über-successful younger sister. But life has bigger plans for Amy.

The sh*t show: misconceptions and nuggets of truth deep within • A young multitalented artist with cerebral palsy struggles to have his voice heard.  His uniqueness isolates him even more than his cerebral palsy.  

Silver Dagger • Wolfville, 1971. When a mysterious stranger (that eternal mainstay of small-town gossip) comes to town, Crystal falls for him immediately. Her mother Ruby, however, is certain he's up to no good.

Spike Heels • Georgie, a young female with a rough background and past, tired of sexual harassment, is given a chance at a new career, getting her off the streets and away from her shitty "waitressing" job. Excited about this new start Georgie soon realizes that sexual harassment exists everywhere, even in high society.

Suicide Makes Sense Sam is writing his second play after little success and a long hiatus. The play is too long, lacks action, and stars Marty, a character who is totally opposed to the climax of the play. Suicide makes sense, problem is: Marty doesn’t want to die.

Suicide Monologues: Stories of Hope • A narrative exploration of the struggle between life and death. Join us for a glimpse of the torments of the mind and journey together into the darkness to witness the dance of eros and thanatos, life and death.

Together We Are More • A quirky, heartfelt comedy from Misery Loves (theatre) Company, creators of 2012 Atlantic Fringe invocations The Perfection of Man and No One Gave Me the Box. A "picnic on common ground".

Undercover • A stand-up comedy about a fictional young Frenchman exploring and discovering Canada for the first time. Discover in a hilarious way how he manages to survive and learn about the Canadian culture.

Understudy • Dylan is struggling with very typical fourth grade problems, such as feeling frustrated that he missed out on being a muse to Shakespeare because he was not alive in 1595.  He is also upset because he has been miscast as Sheep #11/ Wiseman #1 Understudy in the upcoming Christmas Pageant.

Universal Babble • A stuttering student attempts to learn Unamunda, a universal language, from an eccentric teacher Two blue-collar Mesopotamians are commissioned to build the tower of Babel but must compete with the advent of language the wrath of God.

Unsex'd • Master Shakespeare’s new Scottish play is about to premiere at the Globe Theatre and all of London is buzzing with anticipation.  But who will play the coveted role of the play’s leading lady? Historically inaccurate, satirically biting and gratuitously crude, Unsex’d is one part All About Eve, one part Macbeth, ten parts TMZ and all parts wicked, nasty, fun.

Urban Chameleon: Acrobatic Short Stories • An acrobatic circus using 2 stainless steel poles, an aerial hoop, and acro yoga dance. Vertical gymnastics explore movement and behavior bringing power and grace to an art form once considered taboo. This is a family friendly show that will inspire fitness and athleticism.

Wave On, Ocean Blue • In a tiny fishing community, Gary and Mick are two friends, both married, living a fairly normal life of waking up, fishing for a day, then returning to the everyday dramas of marriage.  As a storm fast approaches, a city boy comes into town in hopes of seeing the ocean for the first time in his life.

ZomRomCom • Sam and Jesse are the Couple Who Love Zombies. But they're also the Couple Who Always Fight. On the eve of their five-year date-aversary, at the midnight showing of the Single Greatest Work of Zombie Cinema, they find themselves on the verge of breakup...or maybe marriage...or possibly the end of civilization as we know it.

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