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Your last meal of 2010

Brooklyn Warehouse has three seatings of celebratory eats.

Here are three shots at treating your tastebuds in the name of the year's end; the kitchen will be workin' it for dinner seatings at five, seven and nine. Those on the ball have likely already landed reservations but Brooklyn Warehouse welcomes the wanderers, all three seatings have a portion of the dining room free for walk-ins. The regular menu in all its glory will be available, but so will the special three-course NYE selection featuring: oyster chowder; prime rib roast or olive oil poached swordfish and a hunk of lemon meringue pie. Wash it all down with a glass of local bubbly and start the year with happy tummy. –AS

Brooklyn Warehouse, 2795 Windsor Street, 5pm, 7pm or 9pm, $50, 446-8181

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