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Wining and gazing

The film festival is in full swing, which means it's prime time to catch a glimpse of the stars and starlets as they attend their premiering movies.

Here are three venues known to be star haunts---ones where you may still get a glimpse of the lovely Jessica Paré (pictured above), if you hurry.

Economy Shoe Shop
"The Diamond was the rock 'n' roll schmooze room," says Dave Page, the Shoe Shop's manager. While the dynamics of the Shop and connecting spaces have changed, Page says it's still a late-night star spot. From names like Harrison Ford, the Dixie Chicks and Dan Aykroyd to local celebrities such as Matt Mays, Page has seen them all.

The Wooden Monkey
"Paul McCartney was one of the guinea pigs for our vegan creme brulee," says Matthew Glass, the Monkey's manager. Add that to Ellen Page's reference of the Monkey on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and you have a surefire recipe for a place to eat local organic food---and satisfy your stargazing appetite.

"Mick Jagger hit the spot for the restaurant as far as big stars go," says Kyle Higgins, Onyx's manager. Other names, such as Bif Naked and Lucy Liu, come to his mind. "We have a pretty chic little restaurant."

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