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Where we work: Wrought Iron Brewing Company

Three friends live, work and play in their soon-to-be brewery.

Angus Campbell, Josh Counsil and Doug Kehoe—longtime BFFs and the trio behind the up-and-coming Wrought Iron Brewing Company—met studying engineering at Queen's. They were dormmates, housemates and long-distance, post-grad buds before finally deciding the best way to get the gang back together was to go into business. "I think we all complement each others' attributes pretty well," says Kehoe. "Josh is more outgoing than the two of us. Angus has a go-getterism to him. I like to think I'm the rational one."

Instead of opting for a joint venture like a party yacht or a music festival, the threesome landed on the idea for Wrought Iron—a craft brewery and tap room—after getting pretty good at brewing as hobbyists. "It's a nice balance between science and creativity," says Campbell. "In a lot of our careers prior, I personally felt a lack of creative outlets. This offers that, but also you get to be part of a community on a grand scale." After over two years of planning, they're now brewing the goses, citrus ales and stouts you'll soon be drinking.

Wrought Iron headquarters—currently in the gutting/building/brewing phase—is 2736 Robie Street (across from The Coastal) but the guys also live and have offices there. Like we said, total BFFs. "It's friends first, because if we're not friends this business isn't going to be successful," says Campbell. "People warned us 'Don't go into business with your friends', well, I disagree. You just have to be very considerate."

The plan is to have the brewery and retail shop open for late March, starting with three or four—and eventually up to eight— taps flowing for your growler fill-ups and tasting pleasure. Wrought Iron's connected taproom is currently being designed with the Midas touch of Breakhouse and is slated for a late-May, early-June arrival. Thirsty yet?

Wet your whistle at wroughtironbrewing.ca

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