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The best eggs benny in Halifax

No brunch would be complete without an eggs benny and a Caesar.


runch is so much more than a meal; it’s a weekend gathering over our favourite foods 

and drinks, and no brunch would be complete without the poster duo, the eggs benedict and the Caesar.

Both are true gems that can do it all. Eggs benny can be meat heavy or a veggie delight, just like the Caesar can be spicy or salty. Both are customizable to our taste preferences but still have those staples we can count on: fresh eggs in our bennys and Mott’s® Clamato® in our Caesars.

These Halifax locations are known for their innovative bennys and Caesars alike, and with most serving brunch until at least 2 pm, you can still have your weekend sleep-in and stroll in for “breakfast” right on time.

Remember when visiting your favourite patio to be kind to your servers, respect each other, and drink responsibly!

Edna Restaurant
Edna’s makes brunch a wholesome start to your weekend with their community vibe, a benny served on buttermilk biscuits or potato latkes, and their splash of Maritime joy in their Caesar: a freshly shucked oyster.

Elle’s Bistro
Take your pick of over 20 eggs bennys ranging from combos like sautéed seafood, jalapeno popper, brie & fried leeks, or smoked meat. In the spirit of Elle’s classic diner flare with homemade touches, you’ll find their Caesar topped with Grilled Cheese.

Black Sheep
Meat lovers, this one’s for you. Though you’ll find a delicious veggie benny here, Black Sheep is ultimately famous for their brisket eggs benny and equally as famous for their Caesar topped with pork jerky.

The Canteen
The Canteen takes fresh and local food seriously, which is why you’ll find a rotating menu depending on the season. Through the summer you can enjoy their Nova Scotia Lobster benny, but have no fear, their staple signature “Canteen Caesar” is there year-round.

Do you have a favourite Caesar spot in Halifax? Mott’s® Clamato® is giving away $25,000 to a local establishment who makes the Best Caesar in Town®. Help them decide by taking part in the voting! Voting closes on August 4 and you can check out the competition here:

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