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Six hacks for a six pack

Lizzy Hill reminds us it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Hairspray Back in my short-lived childhood ballerina career, I once ran out of hairspray before a recital. In a flash of genius, my mother remembered a trick from the old days. She cracked a beer and began touching up my topknot. It worked, but I stunk like a brewery.

Slug killer If your garden is plagued by slugs this spring, bury jars of beer nearby. Greedy slugs attracted to the scent of beer will tumble to their booze-fuelled deaths.

Cooking Use beer instead of white wine when making mussels. It's easier on the pocketbook. Chefs at Brussels (1873 Granville Street) steam mussels in honey brown beer, white onion, bacon and celery. Non-mussel lovers can check out their delicious dark-beer rib sauce.

Medicine Dark ales, such as Granite Brewery's award-winning Peculiar, are antioxidant-rich. And you can stop pretending you like Weetabix---the Brewers of Europe organization claims that drinking two cups of beer a day also keeps you regular.

Fatten up Doctors once prescribed beer for weight gain. Andrew Heard, an associate professor at Simon Fraser University, recalls that a South African army doctor prescribed beer to his father for weight gain during World War II. "He was a teetotaler. He hated the taste. He was given free beer in the mess hall at lunch and supper and everyone else was furious because they couldn't have beer," Heard laughs.

Bubble bath In fancy European spas, like the Czech Republic's Chodovar Beer Spa, people actually bathe in beer. If literally pouring your money down the drain doesn't bug you, try soaking in Propeller's hoppy, all-natural and vitamin-rich Bohemian Style Pilsner. Having spilled it in the tub myself, though, I prefer it in my body to on it.

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