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I’ll have what they’re having

Brewmasters dish on what they knock back after hours.

I’ll have what they’re having

“It depends on my mood and the weather and if I’ve had a long day at work or not. I like a clean lager after a long day at work, but if I’m having a meal I’ll have something with more flavour—right now I’m liking Tatamagouche’s Deception Bay, Abyss by Spindrift, or Roof Hound is doing some great stuff . I’m a pretty equal opportunity beer drinker.” —Jeremy Taylor, brewmaster at 2 Crows Brewing Company

“My go-to beer tends to be the ones I brew for us here, as I enjoy the styles we make, and it’s also QA and development when I get to imbibe at home after a long day of work! For local stuff I dig Kellye’s Schwartzbier at Spindrift, Tata’s Mrs. Magouche and Big Spruce’s Silver Tart when I find it on tap. For fun stuff we get to drink as part of our explorations, lately I’ve enjoyed Four Winds’ Pequeno Cabo Tequila Barrel Aged, The Bruery Saison Rue, Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin and Oude Quetsche Tilquin a l’Ancienne.” —Josh Herbin, brewmaster at North Brewing Company

“In no way am I trying to market myself, but the Killick Session Lager we are about to release has been my definite after-work go to. Brewery work can be devilishly labourious on the best of days, so something that is a serious thirst-quencher is what I’m looking for.” —Kellye Robertson, brewmaster at Spindrift Brewing

I’ll have what they’re having

“We just got back from the Fredericton Beer Fest and Trailway had some amazing northeast IPAs; really enjoyed the lambic from Big Axe. Usually we love to try anything that is new when we go to our usual watering hole at Battery Park—they always have a amazing selection of local breweries and of course the staff has always been super-supportive.” —Matt McGrail (and Ian Lawson), brewmasters at Brightwood Brewery

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