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Three locals at The Local. RACHEL MCGRATH
Three locals at The Local. RACHEL MCGRATH

How to use our map of HRM patios for max sun fun

A guide to the interactive map’s functions, and where it goes from here to become better.

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Lockdown is easing up. COVID numbers are trending down. And we’re in the first of five phases that will take Nova Scotia to its full reopening. Dare I say, but things are starting to look up. To keep those good vibes churning, we wanted to release a bit of a sneak peek at what we’ve got cooking up ahead of this year’s Hot Summer Guide.

On nearly every patio across the city last week, unofficial ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held as place settings were laid, and parasols were opened up to in-person diners for the first time since April.

Patios hold a special place in the hearts of this city, but this year their existence will enshrine an even more sacred space as they’re the first option for going out at night through this last wave of the pandemic (indoor dining won’t be making a return until the province cracks Phase 2—which, if all goes according to plan, would be at earliest June 16).

Even when indoor dining makes its comeback, we know Halifax will still be going strong in its patio game. But just how many patios are there? What kind of seating do they offer? And will they let Fido hunker down next to you while you throw back a cold one? Enter The Coast’s interactive patio map.

This map is fully searchable and will tell you whether your seating is street level, rooftop, raised, boardwalk or some kind of combination of the above.

You’ll also be able to filter the map to your desired boozing preferences. Want to find a spot that allows pets to dine on deck and offers a rooftop view? Got it.

This map is live and so will continue to be updated throughout the summer as new patios open up and more information—in particular, the physical accessibility of each patio—is provided.

The Coast has reached out to each restaurant included on this map to get thorough feedback on each location’s specific accessibility, i.e. entryway, seating and washrooms. While some have gotten back to us, you’ll see that a good few still remain “unclear” about accessibility. We’d rather provide the right information than incorrectly assume a place is fully accessible before verifying. So please check back routinely to keep up to date about which of the city’s patios are accessible. We’re also working with a local partner to get this information up to date and to make it as accurate as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to click around and explore local joints, or venture off (as it’s permitted now!) to scout out a new favourite spot to sip a G&T or your go-to craft brew.

If you have feedback on the above map, we’d love to hear from you as this feature will depend on staying up to date with any changes and/or additions throughout the next few months.


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