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Many glasses will be raised—and praised—at the Craft Beer Fest on the Halifax Waterfront.

Everything you need to know about the 2022 Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival

The celebration of craft brews gives Haligonians something to sip on this weekend.

What is the official name?
Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival.

What is it also known as?
NS Craft Beer Festival, NSCBF, the Craft Beer Fest.

When is it?
Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17, 2022.

What is it?
An annual celebration that showcases a huge variety of craft beers from over 40 Nova Scotia breweries.

Where is it held?
This year the festival will be held at the Salter Block Parking Lot (1521 Lower Water Street) on the Halifax Waterfront.

How long has it been going?
The festival ran from 2015 to 2019, then because of COVID-19 had to put things on pause until now.

Where do I get tickets?
Early bird tickets are on sale online now. Each ticket includes a souvenir tasting glass and sample tickets that can be redeemed at individual breweries.

Early bird pricing: VIP tickets are available for $75 plus tax, and general admission tickets are $50 plus tax. After early bird, VIP costs $85 plus tax, general is $60 plus tax.

Are there festival passes?
No, tickets are sold for each individual tasting session. Tasting sessions will last three and a half hours for VIP ticket holders, and two and a half hours for general admission ticket holders.

There are three tasting sessions taking place throughout the weekend, with times as follows.

Friday, September 16 evening session:
VIP 6-9:30pm
General 7-9:30pm

Saturday, September 17 afternoon session:
VIP 1-4:30pm
General 2-4:30pm

Saturday, September 17 evening session:
VIP 6-9:30pm
General 7-9:30pm

What is the must-try beer?
KR Juga Winery makes a tasty rice beer, and will be showcasing some new flavours this weekend.

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