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Cheap Eats 2014 is HERE

And we've got our eyes on the pies. The pizza pies.

Cheap Eats 2014 is HERE
Scott Blackburn

Your unpretentious, hardworking neighbourhood pizza joints don’t often get the spotlight. We tend to take their greatness, and their appreciation for quantity (XL pizzas and slices so big they droop over their Styrofoam plates) for granted. Sure, these aren’t the newest, trendiest talk-of-the-town restos, but no matter how you slice it the modest pizzerias that pepper our streets are some of Halifax’s oldest family-run businesses and our city wouldn’t be the same without them.

For our annual Cheap Eats issue we decided to throw a pizza party. No gourmet slices here (no disrespect), just your standard no-frills, napkin-staining, inexpensive, nocturnal take-out and delivery shops. Thanks to reader recommendations and some tough research we’ve rounded up some of the city’s greatest pies, gone gaga for garlic fingers and paid tribute to legendary Pizza Corner.

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