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A toast to the Hydrostone

It's the newest 'hood to eat, drink and be trendy.

A toast to the Hydrostone
Sake to ya at Hamachi Kita.

Little Europe Bistro & Gourmet To Go

The Hydrostone Market calls itself "Halifax's European

Shopping Experience" and if you're shopping like you're across the pond, you might as well eat and drink like it, too. Wash down your lunch with an Erdinger beer here (a light or dark ale). The fine German brew is aged like champagne and poured very

particularly to assure flavour to the max.

5543 Young Street, 407-7700

Hamachi Kita

When your cravings take you from Europe to Japan, fear not. It only makes sense to sip on some sake if you find yourself

feasting on sushi at the Hydrostone's Hamachi Kita. Heck, they'll even mix it up for you, offering the rice wine in cocktail form with both a sake cosmo and a saketini.

5543 Young Street, 431-5543

Epicurious Morsels

Aha, more international delight! While this gourmet restaurant gives you the option to take your dishes home we can't imagine who could resist pulling up a seat in this classy yet comfortable room with a view of the bustling market. The restaurant's owner, Jim Hanusiak, recommends finishing off your meal with one of their specialty coffees (why not keep with the European theme and make it Spanish?). He also says they're updating their wine list. Sounds like a reason to drop in.

5529 Young Street, 455-0955

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