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99 bottles (and cans) on the wall

Local brews you can use

If you're going to take one down, and pass it around, you might as well make it something brewed locally. We rounded up some (yup, there's way more) of the most-loved locals you can take home and enjoy. Find them at their respective breweries, private liquor stores or the little ol' NSLC.

(left to right) North Brewing + Stillwell's Millie, Breton Brewing's Black Angus IPA, Alexander Keith's IPA, Big Spruce Brewing's Cereal Killer Oatmeal Stout

(L-R) Propeller Brewing's Porter, Granite Brewery's Peculiar, Garrison Brewing's Irish Red, Unfiltered Brewing's Hoppy Fingers APA

(L-R) Uncle Leo's Brewing's Pale Ale, Rockbottom Brewpub's Irish Red, Garrison Brewing's Mr. Robusto Robust Porter, Boxing Rock Brewing's Temptation Red

(L-R) Gahan House's Briny Blonde, Hell Bay Brewing's English Ale, Uncle Leo's Brewing's Red Ale, Good Robot's Tom Waits For No One Stout

(L-R) Boxing Rock Brewing's Crafty Jack English Ale, Unfiltered Brewing's Exile on North Street IPA, Propeller Brewing's Irish Red, Alexander Keith's Red Amber Ale

(L-R) Nine Locks Brewing's Dirty Blonde, Unfiltered Brewing's Flat Black Jesus American Stout, Boxing Rock Brewing's Hunky Dory Pale Ale, Sea Level Brewing's Rojo Mojo Red Ale

(L-R)North Brewing + Battery Park Beer Bar's Dartmouth Dark, Good Robot's Samsquamptch! Smoked Ale, Propeller Brewing's ESB, Garrison Brewing's Ol' Fog Burner

(L-R) North Brewing's Belgian IPA, Sea Level Brewing's Planter's Pale Ale, North Brewing's Winter Saison, Nine Locks Brewing's Porter

(L-R) Unfiltered Brewing's Double Orange Ale DIPA, Garrison Brewing's To Prussia With Love, North Brewing's Sauer Sagen Hat, Granite Brewery's Ringwood

(L-R) Sea Level Brewing's Blue Heron ESB, Bad Apple Brewhouse's Tom's Smoked Porter, Hell Bay Brewing's Dark Cream, Rockbottom Brewpub's Loyalist ESB

(L-R) Gahan House's Maple Whisky Porter, Good Robot's Bank of Azelia Wild American, Tatamagouche Brewing's Hippie Dippie Pale Ale, Granite Brewery's Keefe's Irish Stout

(L-R)Rogues Roost IPA, Breton Brewing's Red Coat, Shipbuilders Cider, Propeller Brewing's IPA

(L-R) North Brewing's Farmhouse Ale, Big Spruce Brewing's Kitchen Party Pale Ale, Spindrift's Coastal Lager, Granite Brewery's Best Bitter

(L-R)Spindrift's Abyss Schwarzbier, Uncle Leo's Brewing's Smoked Porter, Gahan House's Cranberry Sour, Bulwark Blush Cider

North Brewing's Milk Stout, Good Robot's Goseface Killah, Tatamagouche Brewing's Deception Bay IPA, Tatamagouche Brewing's Butcher's Block Red Ale

(L-R)Propeller Brewing's Organic Ale, Sea Level Brewing's New Moon Farmhouse Ale, Nine Locks Brewing's ESB, Good Robot's Leave Me Blue Corn

(L-R)Boxing Rock Brewing's Vicar's Cross IPA, Rockbottom Brewpub's Fathom IPA, Spindrift's Riptide IPA, Boxing Rock Brewing's The Next Chapter Rye IPA

(L-R)Bulwark's Hopped Cider, Bad Apple Brewhouse's Box Cutter IPA, Garrison Brewing's Hop Yard Pale, Alexander Keith's Light

(L-R) Breton Brewing's Sons of Hector Brown Ale, Schooner Lager, Big Spruce Brewing's Tim's Dirty American IPA

(L-R)Rockbottom Brewpub's Session IPA, Stutz Cider, Rare Bird's Maple Ale, Boxing Rock Brewing's Unobtanium

(L-R)Breton Brewing's Stirling Hefeweizen, Propeller Brewing's Honey Wheat, Rockbottom Brewpub's Sticke ALT, Rare Bird's Full Steam Stout

Big Spruce Brewing's Ready Yer Knot Regatta Red, Nine Locks Brewing's IPA, Rare Bird's Pale Ale, Oland Export

(L-R) Gahan House's Schwartzbier, Garrison Brewing's Dirty Ol' Town, Tatamagouche Brewing's North Shore Lagered Ale, Tatamagouche Brewing's Oyster Cloister Stout

Rockbottom Brewpub's Deadwood Wheat, Bulwark's Traditional Cider, Unfiltered Brewing's Twelve Years To Zion DIPA, Bad Apple Brewhouse's Mosaic IPA

Gahan House's Rye Lager, Propeller Brewing's Bohemian Pilsner

Private liquor stores + growler filling stations
These taps change like Halifax weather, but consider it an excuse to taste the rainbow of local craft beer. Check the links below for updates on tap lists.

Bishop’s Cellar, 1477 Lower Water Street
Cristall Wine Merchants, Sunnyside Mall, 1595 Bedford Highway
Harvest Wines and Spirits (check here too), 268 Baker Drive
Rockhead Beer + Wine Market, 2651 Windsor Street

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