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Darling Tattoos
2590 Oxford Street


Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio
5525 Cornwallis Street


Heirloom Tattoo
2778 Gottingen Street

In August of 2018, Helena Darling and Lacey Cormier said goodbye to their respective jobs at local tattoo studios, and decided to open up their owns ‘50s-inspired tattoo boutique. Cormier previously told The Coast that the two had met during her morning ferry commute: “I saw her and I had to introduce myself. After that, we became friends in the local tattoo scene.” It just so happened that the pair envisioned the same aesthetic for a tattoo shop, and Darling Tattoos was born.

The good news is that while their styling choices are similar, the two have different specialties when it comes to the actual tattooing part. So, whether you’re looking for a dainty inconspicuous tattoo or a large tribute piece, the Darling boutique on the corner of Chebucto and Oxford can do it all.

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