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Antoinette's Cheesecakes
250 Baker Drive


The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar
1563 Barrington Street


Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery
6148 Quinpool Road

Cheesecake queen Antoinette Abboud has been making cheesecake for over 20 years. Her son and business partner, Migel Abboud, recalls having cheesecake at nearly every family event growing up. “She’s a great baker,” Migel tells The Coast. “At every family event she would always bring either the classic cherry cheesecake or the marble; the marble was renowned in our family.” These cheesecakes went on to make their debut at the Abbouds’ other family restaurant, The Dill Pickle, before earning their own permanent spot at its flagship store on Baker Drive in Dartmouth. All the offerings at Antoinette's Cheesecakes are made with high-quality ingredients, and incorporate flavours some people might not expect to find in a cheesecake. In 2019, the bakery’s moon mist cheesecake captured the attention of numerous sweet tooths across the city. “We create new flavours every day,” says Migel, “but there's two flavours that are a staple that have to be in the display case every day: The classic cherry and the moon mist. The classic cherry is mine and my mom's all-time favorite. For a very long time we would split a piece of it every morning. And we don't get sick of cheesecake, a lot of people ask us that, but we never do.”

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