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Best Caribbean Restaurant


R&B Kitchen
760A Main Street


Jamaica Vibes Express
5527 Cornwallis Street


Caribbean Bliss
3619 Novalea Drive

R&B Kitchen has a simple way to keep customers coming back—the menu changes every day. With a “daily meal,” the chefs can experiment with new dishes and the masses are always excited to see what’s next, says co-owner Nevell Provo. The Caribbean fusion spot is family and community run, something you’ll feel right away. “When you come into our business, you're kind of coming into Preston and getting a sense of Preston and a sense of hospitality,” he says. What sets R&B apart is its creative fusion of Caribbean food and soul food, with influences from the team’s African Nova Scotian heritage, Nevell explains. He says the restaurant’s most popular dishes are the chicken and waffles, the fried chicken sandwich and oxtail Fridays. But no matter what’s on the plate on any given day, it will be “made with a lot of love and really comes from the heart.”

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