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Turk, Megan and Amateur Alex, Virgin Radio


Information Morning, CBC Radio


BJ and the Q Morning Crew, Q104

When The Coast calls the morning crew at Virgin Radio—about 15 minutes after their eponymous weekday show, which runs from 5am-10am, has wrapped—we ask for Turk, Megan and Alexander. Chaos quickly ensues. “Alexander! It’s Alex!” someone yells while the others burst out in belly laughs so loud, it’s hard to tell who’s speaking. And what is so funny? The idea that this trio of real-life pals (“we are actually friends outside of the show as well,” Megan says) would ever be so formal as to full-name one another.

It’s this kinetic chemistry that the Turk, Megan and Amateur Alex trio credit their success—and gold win—with. “What I think makes our show stand out so much is how authentic we are, and how we're also able to get very vulnerable and put ourselves out there… When we come across [trending radio] topics, the goal for us is to let you know what we found—let you know about the information—but also bring our world into it,” adds Turk. “There's no fake laughter. There's no setup. There's no ‘bing-bong’ jokes. Everything that you hear is happening like a conversation at a party. And so our formula is far different than most shows that I know.”

It’s this that both Turk and Megan list as one of their favourite elements of the show. For Amateur Alex, meanwhile, a community impact remains one of the biggest draws. “My favourite thing that we do, which isn’t even necessarily on the show per se, but we do food drives and things like that. Like, anything that we can do to help the community. That is the best part about our job in my opinion, because you feel so good doing it. And it's amazing to see the people that come out every time to support. It’s really nice.” Adds Turk: “One of my favourite things of being a radio show co-host is that we are actually part of our listeners’ day.”

Not too bad for three hardworking pals having a laugh.

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