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Halifax Pride, Best of Halifax 2022 gold winner of Best Festival


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Halifax Pride saw a return to fully scheduled programming in the summer of 2022, something that felt like a much-needed harbinger of normalcy after two sunny seasons of a version of the event that required reduced capacity and lightened event calendars. “Pride is more than just a festival because it is a gathering of 2SLGBTQ+ community where we have an opportunity to celebrate together, to advocate, to reflect on our history and really think about the future for this community. And we do that in a way that I feel centers community in the process—and in the festivities,” says Adam Reid, the fest’s executive director. “I think there is never any doubt of the ongoing need for pride. Our hard-won rights and place in society can be so easily lost. And it's vital that we continue to gather and reflect on what our past was, and what our future could be.

“In these current days of Pride, if you're not creating a festival that allows for all members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community who want to come together and flourish, then, you know, we're kind of missing the mark,” Ried adds, before saying it’s the many hands behind the scenes who make the fest the winner it is. “I just feel like I'm so, so proud of the 2022 team of staff and volunteers who were just really phenomenal this year. And this is my last year as executive director of Halifax Pride. So it's incredibly rewarding to wrap things up with such a well-received festival.”

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