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Best of Halifax

Best Second-hand Clothing Store


Guy's Frenchy's Sackville
12 Murdock MacKay Court, Lower Sackville


Soul's Harbour Mission Mart
5568 Cunard Street


The Loot
5781 Charles Street

The one and only Frenchy’s left in the Halifax Regional Municipality has been crowned king of vintage vendors by Coast readers this year. Though it might be far from the plus-size goldmine at Guy's Frenchy's Liverpool location or the inevitable good fit guarantee at the beloved chain's self-proclaimed "flagship store" in Digby, Halifax treasures its lone outpost of the uniquely Nova Scotian chain. A call to Guy’s Frenchy’s head office went unanswered, but you can get yourself immersed in the wonderful feeling of wheeling around an overflowing red shopping basket via our March 2019 article Finding Frenchy’s. As Morgan Mullin wrote, Frenchy’s is both “the perfect metaphor for the survivalist narrative of Nova Scotia” and “a way to battle consumption culture by using things others have thrown away...We're forever being peddled thinkpieces on the death of the small town, the slow-rotting atrophy of culture in rural areas, the idea that no one spends money anywhere that isn't Amazon. Here, amidst all that, towns across this province are carrying on, choosing not only to continue but to thrive—each one with a Frenchy's as part of their commercial core."
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