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Best of Halifax

Best Jewellery Store


Fireworks Gallery
1569 Barrington Street


Black Market Boutique
1545 Grafton Street


House of Moda
5431 Spring Garden Road

For Shannon Snelgrove, manager at Fireworks Gallery on Barrington Street, it’s the sense of community they bring to their customers that sets them apart as the Best Jewellery Store. “Even though Halifax is a city, it’s almost like a small community of people,” she tells The Coast. “I think it’s making sure that we establish long term relationships with people. That makes all the difference when it comes to brand loyalty.” Fireworks sells “a lot of engagement rings,” many of them coming from local or Canadian artists. But COVID increased the number of custom jewellery requests, and the wait time for pieces increased as a result. Fireworks took it all in stride. “When everybody shut down, we definitely kept going,” says Snelgrove. “Some of us were still here. Some of us were working at home, delivering pieces to clients’ doors. You just change the way that you market and/or sell to your clients.” Snelgrove credits gallery owner Judy Anderson with keeping the lights on through the pandemic “and having faith in us that we could drive sales even through this tumultuous time.”
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