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Sailor Bup's Barbershop, downtown

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Daniel Dominic

Gold Winner Robyn Ingraham, Sailor Bup's Barbershop

Silver Winner Phat Luong, Phat's Barber Shop

Bronze Winner Jeremy Naugler, Oddfellows Barbershop

“I guess what I’ve been working towards with my career is giving people an experience more than service—making them comfortable, training myself with new ways to do haircuts so they grow out properly so they don’t need to come back the week after,” Robyn Ingraham says. “People come back and thank me and tell me that their hair works with life.” Having spent most of 2019 training in global hair trends with barbers from Holland, Brazil and more, Ingraham has made herself a student of her trade—and it’s paid off: “All I wanna do is go to work, do my job and help people out. I didn’t know people were watching me grow.”
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