Best Seafood 2019 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Seafood

Gold Winner John's Lunch

Silver Winner Pleasant Street Diner

Bronze Winner Bar Kismet

John’s Lunch isn’t only celebrating a couple more Best of Halifax golds this year—it’s also the beloved diner’s 50th anniversary. Kathy Hilchey beams with pride not only because of milestone, but the fact that she gets to be part of the magic every day. “I feel like the steward of the legacy more than a 20-year employee,” she says over the phone, adding that for rest of the staff—who boast over 200 years’ experience combined— the feeling is mutual. It’s about more than the seafood. “I’ve been here about 20 years and really about five years in I knew it would be my last job ever. I’d retire out of this place or they’d carry me out.”
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