Best Pizza Slice 2019 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Pizza Slice

Gold Winner Yeah Yeahs Pizza, Dartmouth

Silver Winner Sicilian Pizza, Donairs & Subs, Pizza Corner

Bronze Winner Pizza Girls, Pizza Corner

Josh Nordin is pumped to hear about Yeah Yeahs’ gold win for its slices, but even more so that the restaurant’s pizzas earned a silver nod in Best Pizza Pie, too—an acknowledgement that they’re wowing both folks on the run and people looking for the full meal deal. “We always wanted to be accessible,” he says. “We definitely pride ourselves on being inclusive for all and we pride ourselves on offering a slice that’s inexpensive and quality.” That means they’re never serving something that’s been sitting out for 45 minutes. “If that pie has been sitting there for more than seven minutes, that slice is going back in the oven to get nice and hot,” adds Nordin.
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