Best Men's Clothing Store 2018 | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Men's Clothing Store

Best Men's Clothing Store

Gold Winner Biscuit General Store

Silver Winner Pro Skateboards & Snowboards

Bronze Winner RCHMND

Hall of fame Duggers

“It’s funny because I still feel like I’m this little scrappy entrepreneur,” Wendy Friedman, owner of Biscuit General Store says, her slight Southern accent rolling through the phone line. She and the Argyle Street emporium have come a long way since the shop opened its doors in 1996, going from a new and novel boutique to an absolute flagship of downtown shopping. Along the way, Biscuit’s nabbed its fair share of Best of Halifax nods—but this is the first time it’s gotten the gold in menswear. Friedman credits a dedicated staff and customer loyalty—particularly during the gruelling Argyle Streetscape Project that plagued the area last summer (“nearly every other business on our block relocated or closed”). She notes, however, that though there’s two separate sections in Biscuit, the gender divide doesn’t need apply: “We don’t call it menswear, we call it the Handsome Shop. So, people who are feeling handsome can shop the upstairs.”

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