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Best of Halifax

Best Massage Therapist

Agricola Holistic Health

Gold Winner Courtney Nickerson, Agricola Holistic Health

Silver Winner Lisa McNeil, Ironstone Strength & Conditioning

Bronze Winner Kelly Wadden, East Coast Wellness Clinic

When Courtney Nickerson manages to squeeze a call back to The Coast amidst back-to-back appointments, she already has answers at the ready for why she’s nabbed gold, yet again. “I’m able to connect well with people and help understand their concerns. I can map out steps to reach a client’s goals—they have faith in me because I’m upfront.” Nickerson says her approach also includes zoning in on problem areas: “I treat very specifically, not with general techniques like some other massage therapists might. For example, if someone’s coming to me with bad posture because they’re hunched at a computer all day, I’ll target their pecs because those muscles will be tightened.” Nickerson adds her great team that focuses on client’s overall wellness adds to her success, and thanks her clients, “who all get excited this time of year.”

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