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Best of Halifax

Best Fitness Instructor

Best Fitness Instructor

Gold Winner Alan Dalton, Evolve Fitness

Silver Winner Janessa Klatt, ProEdge Sports Conditioning

Bronze Winner Amber Allan, Canada Games Centre

There is a distinction to be made between personal training and fitness instruction, but it doesn’t really matter in this case. Alan Dalton, your gold-winning Best Fitness Instructor, works with your gold-certified Best Personal Trainer, Mitch Benvie, at Evolve Fitness, your golden choice for Best Gym, so it’s hard to go wrong no matter what kind of fitness training you’re looking for. Dalton is “the most consistent, reliable person I’ve ever met,” says Evolve honcho Matt Benvie. A former varsity athlete with a master’s in kinesiology, Dalton has a particular knack for the instruction part of his job, able to analyze and correct a person’s technique in the gym. Plus, Benvie says, “he’s the best dancer.”

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