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Best Record Label

Gold Winner Sonic Records

Silver Winner Groundswell Music

Bronze Winner HalfLife Records

The big project at Sonic Records this year has been releasing Matt Mays’ back catalogue on vinyl, including Matt Mays and El Torpedo, When the Angels Make Contact and the original self-titled debut. “People love the vinyl, they do,” says Sonic Records’ Mike Greatorex. “The artwork files, a lot of the stuff that was done in the mid-’00s was the wrong shape—Glen Leck had to go back and recreate these records as 12x12 [inches]. It’s also a whole process to create new masters.” Sonic’s latest release just dropped two weeks ago—Mays’ acoustic version of last year’s Once Upon A Hell of a Time. An Adam Baldwin LP is on deck. “Thanks to all the readers of The Coast,” says Greatorex, “for supporting independent music from Atlantic Canada.”

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