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Best Cocktails

Best Cocktails
lenny mullins

Gold Winner Lot Six Bar & Restaurant

Silver Winner The Watch That Ends the Night

Bronze Winner Antojo Tacos + Tequila

The theory at Lot Six is that if the staff is excited about the drinks they’re making, the customers will probably be excited too, which is why Sarah Amyotte says the interactive component of their drink slinging is super important. “They try and do their best to really educate and give people that experience, not just a drink put in front of them.” She shouts out longtime bar lead—and winner of many Best of Halifax awards—Shane Beehan for being at the centre of this approach. “His biggest goal at work is making sure everyone’s learning—the joke is your never stop learning—its a huge collaborative effort lead by Shane,” says Amyotte. “I joke that he’s the creativity to my business mind.”

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